Monday, 3/2/15, Public Square

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    • Israel — that greatest of allies according to many, have they ever helped America in any war we’ve ever fought? I know we’re always to help them but can’t think of a single time when they helped us.

      • If you want to find out why America has always been the pit bull for Israel – just listen to these Fundamental Southern Baptists (they are the worse). These folks DEMAND that America does the fighting for Israel

        It’s all God’s plan – don’t you know..

  1. People don’t realize that their wealth was stolen in the crash. All that money you lost on your IRA? Stolen. Depreciation of your property values? Stolen wealth. I say stolen because the wealthy didn’t lose anything and the bankers didn’t lose anything–it was the “middle class” and the working poor that lost whatever little wealth they WORKED to accumulate in a pyramid scheme created by Wall Street, Real Estate Banking and Investment Companies.

  2. Recently I’m having a more difficult time than usual finding the silver linings behind dark clouds. Republicans in Kansas and at the federal level continue to show how absolutely incompetent they are and some days the actual damage they do to Kansas / our nation overwhelms me.

    This week SCOTUS will be hearing the latest challenge to Obamacare. If the judges decide to take it away there is no chance hubby and I can go back and revisit the decision we made about his retirement. He is retired and he isn’t age eligible for Medicare. We knew that and only because of Obamacare could we make the decision we did. It would hurt us. That said I must admit it will hurt others much more. All the others who have less, all the others who are already hurting more, struggling more. Too sad for me to handle with a positive attitude.

    Meanwhile, republican congress critters behave poorly — throwing temper tantrums any two year old wouldn’t do as well. Exactly what have republicans accomplished?

  3. Robert Reich says —

    The partial shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security is now rescheduled for March 6, courtesy of “moderate” House Republicans who prevailed over their more extreme peers. But as someone who has tried to run a federal department during a showdown over a shutdown (mine was the Department of Labor back in 1995, when Gingrich’s House threatened and then did shut the government), I can tell you that the continuous threat of de-funding dramatically hobbles a department’s capacity to function. Time is drained away from more important business. Hiring freezes create havoc with personnel management. It’s impossible to recruit top-notch talent when Congress is threatening to cut off paychecks. Government contractors increase their bids to cover the cost of uncertainty.

    In other words, House Republicans have already compromised the Department of Homeland Security, at a time when America needs it fully functional. The Republicans who took over Congress in January said they’d prove they can govern. They’ve already proven the opposite.

  4. It may be time to find a new state to live in when

    –teachers can be prosecuted for teaching biology but people can carry guns with zero training

    –basketball players and coaches fly around in private jets at will but a school buying a new piano is a waste

    –when bills can be authored anonymously but college professors can’t add their credentials to their writing

    –when Les Donovan complains that our state financial problems are because of the moderate republicans and democrats even though the radical republicans are in total control

    –when the state supreme court says that schools aren’t adequately funded but the legislature ignores their findings

    What happened to good old Kansas common sense? PLEASE

    • As to number 2, the aircraft are paid for by the Athletic Department, which is funded totally by private donations; the piano was to be purchased with public funding. Not to criticize the absurdity illustrated by the example, but to point out the difference in sources of funding.

      The examples are,indeed, illustrations of why Norma and I are leaving Kansas for Maine (should present plans hold) at the end of July. While that state has its own problems in the Governor’s office, the legislature remains outside GOP control, and he is unable to emulate Governor Brownback in totality, regardless of how badly he wants to do so.

      • I’ve heard this justification before about private donations paying for the basketball players and coaches outlandish perks.

        But – the appearance of this is what is so troubling to me. I wonder how many average people know the Athletic Department is funded by private donations?

        Not too many – I suspect.

        What does the Bible say about the appearance of wrong doing?

      • indy, cannot answer but to say they should. At KU, it has been so since the early to mid-1950s, same with all other (but one) of the 111 or so Division 1 “FBS” schools. Both KSU and WSU work the same way. I won’t bore you with the history, but it began right after WWII, and accelerated through the mid-1950s.

        FYI, the only true employee of the University in the Athletic Department is the Athletic Director. While the coaches are “employees”, the Athletic Department pays the salaries of these folks, including reimbursement to the University of that small fraction of total compensation represented by the salary paid by the university. I recall that of Coach Self’s $1.8 million annual salary, around $200,000 is his “university salary”.

        There are a few superstar professors whose compensation works in similar fashion (don’t recall his name, but one is a Professor of Pharmacology doing research at the Naguchi Biosciences Center, whose total package is over $2 milliion annually), but they are few and far between.

        We may not like it but that’s how things are.

      • 6176 – you’re right.

        We may not like it – but that is how things are.

        And college sports is not the only thing that is not the way we like it – or should be