Sunday, 3/1/15, Public Square

Dismantling the US Department of Education, de-funding public schools, cutting teachers’ pay, and reducing teaching staff in public schools, not to mention rewriting history and science textbooks to reflect a religious or “conservative” agenda are ALL measures proposed, and too often implemented by right-wing ideologues, with no concern for truth or accuracy.



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  1. One of the king pins doing the bidding of UNELECTED GOVERNMENT in destroying public education —

  2. Asher Bob White

    I started after two years of college as a public school teacher in far-out-there western Kansas. As a trained and licensed educator I was taught in college at that time that schools and schooling of everybody had hugely beneficial to society. I had already learned that those who founded our democracy were both among the educated and the elite.
    Public education worked for centuries in this new nation. And it was mostly about liberal arts in addition to the three R’s. Of course the natural sciences were added as they developed.
    Then came the interference with public education’s success. Due to the success of business, schools and everything else “should be run like a business.” And they should have “business objectives”. Boards of education and voters, alike, shoved business models and objectives upon the schools, even to the point that private schools are preferred, and should be funded by tax dollars, not by those interests promoting private schools.
    Today, we can see where that got us and where it is going. The primary objective, today, is to train educators for business so that said cost is no longer borne by business as was the custom originally. That cost is now the public’s obligation. And a real “education,” like values, ethics, objectivity and those pesky liberal arts, is virtually and completely shoved aside.
    The result? Our society suffers and loses any traditional values except one; greed. And that one has been exacerbated.

    • I think a bunch of us recognize where the true cost savings in education are. We have to exclude some children. We have to decide who is worthy and who is unworthy. Plus, we can’t spend money on things like transportation — if you and your children choose to live far from our building then you’ve also made the choice to get them to that building.


      • I have to say something here about the transportation side of education.

        I live on the busy road where school busses pass by my house every single hour – and multiple busses.

        I have to wonder – isn’t there a better system of transporting these kids than to see a lot of busses with very few students riding in them?

        I am not saying we should not provide transportation – I guess I am asking if there is a more efficient way of doing it.

      • Is it different buses or the same fewer buses coming back to a main road to gain access to another part of the neighborhood? I don’t know. I only know every child deserves the best chance society can provide and spending on education will always be an investment in America. I don’t mind paying taxes when they’re spent on American children.

      • It’s different busses – as far as I can tell.

        I am like you – I don’t want to deny any child an education. I was only wondering out loud if there is a better way we could be using our limited resources??

      • BTW – this is a magnet school – which I’ve been told parents have to apply for their kids to attend?

        So – there are kids from all over the city attending this particular school.

        And we do have two schools nearby – an elementary and a high school.

        Maybe these buses are from both schools?

        From what I’ve seen passing by my house – there are a lot of empty seats.

        Like I said before – I am just trying to figure out what is going on…