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religion like penis


by | February 23, 2015 · 6:00 am

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  1. I find it more difficult each day to be tolerant of the religious fanatics (of ALL religions) whose voices are much louder than the kind loving people of each of those religions.

    I do long for the days when our society left religion out of politics the way our founders knew it should be. I long for not splitting the human race into groups and segments and labels. I truly believe all humans deserve to be treated with dignity and there should be equality.

    Here I’m going to mention war which is a subject you all know I should never discuss because I absolutely have such a closed mind about the subject. Even tho I know there is no better way to learn than to talk to someone who disagrees with me, I don’t listen to those who support war. I’ve long said it must take a powerful method to get one human worked up enough to be able to kill another human. In war, all too often religion is used to incite that kind of anger and hatred. I have no understanding of how anyone can muster that kind of deep seated hate, intolerance and anger when every religion is based around an example of the most deep and forgiving love there could ever be. Yes, each of the religious books includes really bad stuff but the head honcho, the one you’re told to use as an example for your whole life is pure love.

    • But fnord, economics is the underlying reason for all wars of which I am aware. Religion, among other things, is used to disguise this in multiple instances. See, e.g., the Crusades; more about keeping the flow of spices to Europe from the Far and Middle East uninterrupted than removing the Musims from Christian holy sites (which, coincidentally, is why the spice trade was interrupted).

      • I know there is money to be made and that’s the main reason behind most wars. I was addressing (poorly) that religion is often used to get those who fight the wars all riled up enough to actually kill fellow humans. There has to be a powerful tool and religion seems to be just that. You make the enemy less human, more evil when you say they are attacking your gawd and everything he stands for.

      • We are in agreement there, fnord. Although dirty lucre is almost always at the root of war, religion is very often used to justify it, for the reasons you give.

        I applaud you for your stance on war. I regard it as a necessary part of foreign policy, more specifically the threat of war. Not to be used very often, just as often as needed to give credence to the threat. Oh, and if used too often, the threat loses all credence.

  2. A piece about the republican open hatred of President Obama, why liberal is a dirty word, the republican “war” against education, LGBT rights, women’s rights, republican attempts to destroy the ACA, Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, food stamps and other “socialist programs.” The “healthcare compact” signed by Brownback, why the republicans are setting us on a course back in time instead of moving forward. More and more often we’re seeing articles about the new succession movement / new civil war wanted by the “white supremacist movement.” There are mentions of all the new open carry for long guns, and conceal carry laws, and why it only seems to apply to white people. Lots of language about “patriots.” Do you remember a couple months ago Brownback had the state prepare for the “zombie apocalypse?” That term is used among the “gun nuts” for the coming civil war. Zombies is their term for their enemy, a dehumanizing term for their intended targets.