Sunday, 2/22/15, Public Square



by | February 22, 2015 · 6:00 am

3 responses to “Sunday, 2/22/15, Public Square

  1. Asher Bob White

    My answer to the question posed today is . . . . the Republican basic moral motivation and interest is vested in themselves as individuals leading to their self-interest in money and power which transfers to all of their issues and involvements with other humans. That is their God. They certainly have no tolerance or allegiance to the teachings of Jesus the Jew along with their own and conservative interpretation of the Holy Scriptures. Basically I’m talking about immorality as their basic problem. George Lakoff in his ‘Little Blue Book’ brought this vision to my attention and the longer I live the more I see that he is correct. They confirm his argument, constantly. It is what they value.

    • Most republicans seem not to even be aware that Jesus is a Jew. Yes, I think too many people worship at the altar of money and greed. What a sad way to live.

  2. The people who would rather watch a movie about the American Sniper and then continue to defend George W. Bush and Gang for their starting the Iraq War under false pretense are the same folks who truly believe it is patriotic for women to wear a bra and thong made to look like the American Flag.

    It is very easy to sit back in the comfort and safety of our US borders and send other peoples’ loved ones into those sand-filled hellholes to do the actual dying and being wounded for life.