Friday, 2/20/15, Public Square

i have this book


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  1. Religion is a man-made set of rules.

    Faith is spiritual.

    Never confuse the two.

    When I have a Bible Thumper in my face telling me that their Bible is the only true Word of God. I ask them one question – what translation do you have?

    It is amazing how many of these folks do not know the Bible has been translated many, many times.

    • Through the years I have been lambasted for having the wrong version that the person accepted as the true version. One of the worst was at a Christian retreat when I was much younger. When my friend’s dad heard about it from his son. He went to the man and reprimanded him for what he had done.


    Speaking of religious people………Mr. Virginia Governor – Bob McDonald’s wife got one year and one day in prison.

    Bobby – got two years …

    That’s what he gets for putting the entire blame on his wife and throwing her under the bus to save his own butt.