Thursday, 2/19/15, Public Square



by | February 19, 2015 · 6:00 am

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  1. I’ve said this before many times – if you think Republicans can be shamed or embarrassed into doing the patriotic and morally right thing to do – you are sadly mistaken.

    These folks have proven to me – more than once – that they do NOT care about anyone or anything other than themselves.

  2. The terrorists are getting exactly what they want from the right wing. Terrorists want war declared on Islam. It is the best recruiting tool they could possibly have. Fox and their tea bagger viewers are all too willing to give terrorists those recruiting tools.

    We are fortunate to have a critical thinker in the White House.

    President Obama Says ISIS ‘Not Religious Leaders, They are Terrorists’

    • I heard today that Franklin Graham is leading the Far Right Wingers in their continuing drumbeat that Obama hates Christians.

      Let’s just remind these Fundies about how they have bragged for years about their Jesus Camps where children are taught to be soldiers for God.

      What the hell difference is between these Jesus Camps and the Islamists jihadist training camps?

      Not one damn difference……

      BTW – whenever a Fundy Christian tries to tell you that there is no such thing as a Christian terrorist – just ask them to explain how one of their terrorists killed Dr. Tiller in cold blood.

      And the many others who have killed abortion doctors and their staff all in the name of their God.

      • P.S. – If Franklin Graham wants to go fight the Islamists so bad – then he is free to pack his bags and book a flight to any one of the Hell Holes over in the Muslim countries.

        But you never see Franklin or any of this other big-mouthed Fundies actually volunteering to do the actual dying – do you?

  3. If you watch President Obama’s actions regarding ISIL, he is making sure that Muslim countries are also stepping up to the plate to do the actual killing of these radical Islamists.

    Case in point – the country of Jordan has recently stepped up to the plate. This will do so much more good to have fellow Muslims killing their radical fringes.

    But NO, Republicans can’t stand that approach. This makes too much sense.

    And – sad to say – I suspect these Republicans are just mad because if these Muslims do the fighting – then there would be no big profit for al the ‘right’ people if we do what GWB and Gang did – have USA go it alone.

    Isn’t it sad to know that there are people who put profit before doing the smart thing to rid the world of terrorists?