Wednesday, 2/18/15, Public Square



by | February 18, 2015 · 6:00 am

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  1. I hope no one minds, but the jpegs on the beginning are so one the spot and good I often put them on my Face book page! This one is not going there but I was tempted so I thought I would let you know me activities. Waiting for home health care to come for my mother. and Joyce is suppose to be able to go back to work tomorrow. Still have to have chemo for the cancer. But she is endeavoring to persevere.

    • Sometimes the day-to-day stuff seems like it is going so slow, especially when dealing with any health care crisis – but sounds like your family has the support system in place that will enable everyone to come through this difficult time intact and a stronger family.

      I’ve been there where you are currently – and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

      Much thoughts, prayers and positive energy is being sent your way…

    • That’s where I get most of them — Facebook. So you just make the circle complete!

      Many days I think it’s a waste of time to actually make a new header daily and once a week would be adequate. It’s a habit with me by now. đŸ™‚ Maybe I’ll cut back on my habit some day. I will always check in here regularly because there are people here I always want to hear from and about!

  2. BTW – all those Liberals pictured above were considered Radicals in their day.

    And more than that – they were also taking a great risk in not being branded a traitor to be hung like a common thief.

  3. This is a must read piece for ALL Kansans from the Hutch News. Try to find time to read this —

    Payment due


    And with this president – every moment in the White House is being demonized by self-professing patriots and devoted Christians.

    That is what galls me the most about the hypocrisy of these Holier-than-thou an More-patriotic-than-thou Republicans.