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  1. Republicans remind me of a bunch of teenage drama queens – dealing in gossip, innuendos and downright lies – to make themselves feel superior to ‘those people over there’…

    • I hear that! I came here from my Face book page and over half of what were new post were from Neo-Cons trashing the President and the Liberals. LOL although I do have to laugh at times. Some of it is forwarded from my relativities’ in OKLA. Where I once lived they trashed me for being a Republican!

  2. I ran across this and was amazed, now I’m wondering is this true??


    (from the link): It seems odd that the federal government owns so much land in the west and so little elsewhere. But between the settlement of most other states and the settlement of the West, American attitudes toward land policy changed. “From its founding, the US assumed that the best thing to do with land was basically to privatize it, and probably turn it into farms, and that would lead to a productive economy,” says James McCarthy, a professor of geography at Clark University. “The federal government took for granted that it would take its land and turn it over to private ownership.”

    But toward the end of the 19th century, that approach was rethought. The climate of many Western lands wasn’t really suitable for small private farms, and there was worry that America’s natural resources were being depleted by the private market.

    “In the 1890s, there was a huge concern about the prospect of a timber famine, and timber was every bit as important to the national economy as fossil fuels are now,” McCarthy says. It was the main building material, was critical for railroads and mining, and was used as a primary fuel source in many places. “People said we absolutely have to have a reliable steady supply of timber, and we clearly can’t trust private interests to do that, so we’d better have the federal government do it.”

    As a result, the US government decided around 1891 to start holding onto most of the federal lands it still had. And most of those lands were in the West — because it was the last main region to be settled.


  3. Boog Highberger (D), State Representative from Lawrence, Kansas reports —

    I had my first direct experience with political sleaze in Topeka today. The House Judiciary Committee was scheduled to vote on two bills about judicial selection– one would make Supreme Court justices subject to election, and the other would replace our merit selection model with a system where the Governor appoints justices and they are confirmed by the Senate. The Republican leadership replaced two members of the committee– just for today– presumably because they might not vote the right way. We were told that one of them was “ill,” although I have good reason to believe otherwise. Both bills passed the committee on 13-9 votes.

    • What’s the surprise? Sounds like a typical Church Board meeting when the Bully Buffoons get control..

    • Update: Boog Highberger noted that he “incorrectly referred to them as bills– they are concurrent resolutions– HCR 5004 and HCR 5005,” and he doesn’t think they’ll have enough votes to get through the House. However votes could be swayed by the bullying tactics of the extremists calling the shots these days.

  4. Yesterday was Presidents Day and these are two of the interesting stories I read about ranking presidents —

    Is Mount Rushmore Statistically Accurate?

    This is the ultimate semi-arbitrary ranking of American presidents

  5. prairiepond

    Sorry, earlier I forgot to say Happy Mardi Gras. The biggest day of the year for much of the south. Especially along the Gulf Coast. I miss the season. Guess I’ll have to eat fish and gumbo alone this year….

    • I was explaining to my 9-yr-old granddaughter (BTW, it is her birthday today) what Mardi Gras was all about.

      I told her it was also known as Fat Tuesday. She got a good laugh about that one.

  6. I had a discussion on another blog today about Reagan’s involvement in the Iran Contra Scandal.

    This guy actually tried to tell me that Ronald Reagan did not do anything about giving Iran weapons because FORD was the guy that gave guns to Iran. Then this guy went on to say it was the same time the SHAW was in power.

    This guy even sent me a personal email message trying to ‘straighten me out about my error in historical facts’;.

    Excuse me – but I remember Ronald Reagan myself and I know all about what this old fart did and said during his 8 years in power.

    The original discussion topic was how USA has meddled in these Muslim countries for years.

    And wasn’t the Shah of Iran the guy that the USA put into power because the Shah was such a good guy?

    But I do find it interesting this guy never denied Reagan actually sold the weapons to Iran. He just wanted to blame Ford for doing it first.

    Maybe this guy was confused? He could not spell Shah correctly – and then he tried to say the Democrats were the ones that gave weapons to our enemies.

    I reminded this guy that Ford was a Republican…

    Did I go too far ? LOL

    • Word of caution – if you log in to blog through your Facebook link – apparently your email address is for the public to view?

      I quickly blocked this guy….

      I don’t need anybody who thinks it is okay to bully me with a personal email message…..and then to make matters worse, his spelling was atrocious and his Reagan rose-colored glasses were apparently too damn tight and must have been confusing this guy’s brain cells.

    • Stupidity must be contagious and being a ‘conservative’ seems to make one much more likely to ‘catch it.’

      Here’s another example from Andy Borowitz —

      “When I read comments saying that immigrants’ children who were born here should be deported, I come to the sad realization that some Americans don’t know what Americans are.”

      • Excuse me if I am wrong, but aren’t all the Founding Fathers illegal immigrants?

        Who in that bunch was born in America?

        And further – if these Conservatives don’t want the immigrant’s children who were born here – then wouldn’t all of the Founding Fathers’ descendants also be illegal immigrants?

        I have yet to see any Conservative know the true meaning of the old saying – be careful what you wish for