Monday, 2/16/15, Public Square



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  1. Wal Mart also privatizes their profits and socializes their costs.

    The only difference between Wal Mart and other Welfare Coporate leeches and the old plantation slave owners is this:

    The plantation slave owners at least housed, fed and clothed their slaves.

    Wal Mart really does not give a rat’s ass.

    One example – keeping a lot of their employees under the work hours requirement to offer health insurance.

    Hmmm……I guess WalMart investors would have another hissy fit if one employee dared to qualify for health insurance.

    I swear, Republicans seem to enjoy stepping over a dead body to pick up that penny.

  2. So this Fox News interview went very, very wrong for the Fox News anchor, who probably shouldn’t have pushed her right-wing, Fox New-sy prejudices on a Biblical scholar. The interview was pretty awesome, and it deserves to get way more play than it has, but the cartoon that genius artist Rob Tornoe did for our friends over at quite simply won the internet.

    • This Foxxie Host is nothing more than ;like all the rest of Foxxies Hen House Cluck Fest hosts – she is more interested in pointing out that this guy is a Muslim and she incorrectly states that he does not disclose that fact.

      Hmmm……like the man says – his biography is on the second page of the book – and it appears this host, like every other Foxxie host, wasn’t interested in reading the book or to listen to this man’s statements.

      This Foxxie host – like all the rest of the Foxxies – is more interested in keeping their targeted audience of Fundy Christians all riled up – so Foxxies can enjoy more ratings and more profits.

      Hmmm….. do you think that might be her real motivation in this?

      • BTW – and just why can’t a Democrat write about how Reagan could not be a Republican?

        But, of course, the true facts of how Reagan sold weapons to our sworn enemy Iran in the 1980’s would need to be in that book – and we all know that Republicans never like traitors – You betcha. Wink-wink



    I remember these songs when I was growing up. Too many people are leaving our world way too soon – IMHO

  4. FYI — Mrs. RD saw who she calls her cancer doctor today. And this is her report — my cancer is called poorly differentiated thyroid cancer. Dr says I have a 50/50 chance to beat this. We are going to do radiation first — there are new studies that have had good results so we are going to start there. Dr wants me to heal for another week from surgery.