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  1. I found this on ‎’Republicans and Independents Exposing Lies With Facts’ Facebook page —

    After 6 years of Obstruction and Stonewalling, the GOP has hit the proverbial Stone Wall. 6 years of planning!…all for “where do we go from here”? Good job!!

    How a group of clowns who haven’t accomplished jack shit since January, 2009… continue their losing ways…as they transition themselves from Minority losers to Majority losers. They’ll continue to gerrymander for their majority seats…but will never win a national election and will never be on the north end of Public Opinion. Not, until Republican moderates come out of those toilet stalls they’ve been hiding in, return from exile, take the taste of Tea out of their mouths…boot all these batshit crazy Right Wing extremists, out of the Republican Party!…and make up some viable policies, that the general public would willing to join you in! Let the Teas charter their own Political Party or join the Libertarian Party…make ‘their’ lives miserable for a while!

    If these crybabies can’t win, no one can play with them after school!! Now the GOP House…with of the pressure of their lunatic fringe…is pressuring the GOP Senate into committing Political Hara-Kiri. Changing rules to fit their needs…assuming it well help them? Assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups, remember? What are they willing to lose, just to make Obama miserable?…without taking into account, the rest of the country!

    Immigration and Executive Amnesty, anyone?

    Eisenhower: 1956 – Deferred quotas to allow 900 orphans to join American Families. 1956-58 – Allowed 31,000 Hungarians. 1959 – Allowed 600,000 Cubans

    Ford: 1975 – Allowed 360,000 Indochinese. 1976 – Allowed 14,000 Lebanese
    Reagan: 1981 – Allowed 7,000 Poles. 1982 – 15,000 Ethiopians. 1987 – Rescinded Deportation of 200,000 Nicaraguans. 1987 – Deferred Deportation of 100,000 Children of amnestied parents.

    Buch, HW: 1989 – Deferred Deportation of Chinese students. 1989 – Reversed Visa Denials of Soviets and Indochinese. 1990- Deferred Deportation of 1 Million Amnestied citizens’ Children and Spouses. 1991 – Deferred Deportation of Gulf War evacuees. 1992 – Deferred Deportation of 190,000 El Salvadorans

    Bush, W: 2002 – Expedited Naturalization for Green Card holders joining the Military. 2005 – Deferred Deportation for students affected by Hurricane Katrina. 2006 – Enabled Cuban Doctors to seek asylum in US Embassies. 2007 – Deferred Deportation of Liberians.

    Do Republicans want to scare Obama with impeachment if he tries to carry the Immigration issue into Executive Orders? Why don’t we ceremoniously impeach Ike, Jerry, Ronnie, George, and Junior? Kind of hypocritical…when Republican Presidents issue those Executive Orders, it’s OK!…but if Obama does it…fuck you??

    As the GOP tries to find themselves…governing by demands and hostage taking, as PoliticusUSA’s Jason Easley puts it so well…it’s not going to work! Obama has put Congress on notice, that he plans to run through them the last 2 years. Being a lame duck president ‘does’ have its advantages!
    Now that Big Dumbo has taken majority, they have to prove they can legislate and govern…while facing a hostile opposition. Payback, is a bitch!!

    GOP at Impasse Over Bill Aimed at Blocking Obama Immigration Move

  2. From the Kansas City Star.

    Sam Brownback, a desperate and failing governor, turns to homophobia