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  1. http://edition.cnn.com/2015/02/06/opinion/stanley-prayer-breakfast-exceptionalism/index.html


    This is just one article about Obama’s comments at the Prayer Breakfast last week. We all remember those comments that got all the Conservative Evangelicals’ panties into a twist.

    There is something very dangerous in this belief that only one group has the ‘truth’ and everyone else is condemned to go to Hell for eternity unless they accept the ‘truth’.

    I really find this hard to go along with when I see so many of these so-called ‘truth holders’ live their lives like the Devil is their twin and they’re having a Hell of a time causing misery.

    But yet these same Devil-twins are the first ones in the church pews every Sunday and claiming they ‘give to charity’ when they give money to some mega church so their fancy preacher man can build yet another huge monument to themselves – or perhaps put in that indoor swimming pool.

    Yeah – I’ve often heard where Jesus loved those indoor swimming pools. Big eye roll.

    • BTW – I can tell you from past experience at that Fundy Baptist College during the mid 1970’s – this idea that only ‘certain’ Christians have the ‘truth’ is alive and well.

      This theology has only grown bigger – and worse IMHO – since the 1970’s.

      This is exactly why I left the Fundy Baptist Evangelical movement – these people were becoming vicious. Dare I say I suspect most of those folks from my college days are current Republicans who truly believe they are doing God’s work when they hate Obama 24/7?

  2. ‘Conservatives’ desperation is showing. Our president has a record of good work, AND is a good man. Try as they might — and they have tried — they can’t find any ‘dirt’ on this man. Doesn’t keep them from making up stuff and spreading their lies.

    • Let’s not forget what these Conservatives did to the Dixie Chicks to even dare to say they were embarrassed to be from the same state as GWB.

      But yet these same Conservatives have called President Obama all kinds of names and have even questioned his US citizenship and loyalty to America.

      AND it makes no difference if these CONS are within our borders or on foreign soil when they makes these outrageous and unfounded demonizations of Obama.

      So – if the Dixie Chicks were skewered for saying they were embarrassed to be from the same state as GWB – then why aren’t these CONS being skewered for their outrageous behavior?

      One factor IMHO – Foxxies Hen House Cluck Fest keeps this targeted CONservative audience stirred up 24/7 and these folks actually believe they are being ‘loyal and true’ patriots for speaking against their president.

      I don’t understand this thinking or mindset. But, then again, these are the same folks that can give one of their own a Free Pass given by Jesus himself for doing the same exact sins that these folks accuse President Obama of doing.

  3. prairiepond

    ROFLMFAO at today’s graphic. Good job!

    • Good to see you again Prairie Pond..

      I had a good laugh at this cartoon also. Just goes to prove that religion is man-made. Faith is spiritual. NEVER confuse the two!

      • Asher Bob White

        Was the theology Muslim? Christian? Aren’t they the extreme ones that do the most damage?

      • You bring up a good question.

        I’ve not heard of too many other religions that have extremist fanatics doing damage.

        But I do remember a case where some Jewish people were prosecuted with doing physical harm to other Jews that they felt were not being ‘true’ Jewish.

        And wasn’t there a case of some Amish people who were prosecuted for cutting off the hair of fellow Amish because they felt they were not being Amish enough?

        I’ll have to look for those two cases.

        But – if you want to talk about doing real damage like killing people – that seems to be the ways of Muslims and Christians that has been going on for centuries…

  4. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/saudi-historian-us-women-drive-because-they-dont-care-if-theyre-raped/ar-AA9cEOj


    Speaking of extremist theology – and my assessment above when I said that religion is man-made.

    To me – theology and religion are one and the same. How many churches do we know – in the same religion – but one group sees their theology as being the ‘truth’.

    I grew up in the Baptist religion – and the running joke was that Baptists cannot get along with their fellow Baptists – let alone get along with Non-Baptists in the world.

    I’ve noticed that since my childhood – this great divide between churches within the same religion has gotten bigger.

    Or am I just seeing that perspective because I left the Fundy Baptist Movement and I am now a big-time cynic?