Monday, 2/9/15, Public square

koch puppets


by | February 9, 2015 · 6:00 am

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  1. What is the most frightening about the cartoon above is that it is true.

    I just don’t understand how some people are so blind they cannot see what has happened to our country.

    I have never been an economics expert but even I understand the basics of businesses have to have customers who have the money to buy their goods and services.

    Even if Walmart has the lowest prices and even ‘rollsback’ prices – how do these rich people think people without money can buy things, regardless of the lowest prices.

    But what also continues to bother me is how our health care has become so expensive. Even with Obamacare in place – there are copays, deductibles and the loopholes insurance companies find to not even cover a lot of the health care costs that are billed.

    How are people going to be able to go to the doctor when there is not enough money to pay for their part of the bill?

    And Heaven forbid if you go to the Catholic-owned health care providers and have a balance owed. Take it from my own personal experience – these billing people are vicious and will HARASS you from Day One.

    I was told to divorce my husband, quit my part time job and go on welfare when I was diagnosed with Stage III colon cancer. After 29 days in hospital, extensive surgery and facing months of chemo therapy – I was told by the Via Christi billing person that THEY would get paid if I was on welfare.

    BTW – I was also told by that person that I could still live with my husband – just not legally.

    And these are the same Catholics that profess to be so family values – pro traditional marriage and that same sex marriage is a sin.

    I call B.S. on all that crappola. When it comes to getting their money – I learned firsthand what these folks will do – they will harass,. threaten and even tell you to get a divorce just so they get their M-O-N-E-Y

  2. It is the desire to be rich or at least the desire to have enough that it never Is a concern. “just how much would be enough?”. The flippant answer would be as rich as Trump. But it bothers me if I do not know how much money I do have? Enough for my Jr. breakfast burrito and a diet Coke in the morning and I can feel as rich as Donald. Right now I am waiting for the time to go with Joyce to her cancer Doctor’s appointment. It will be in a couple of hours and nothing I do seems to make me feel at ease.

    • We’re all pulling for you and Joyce! I haven’t walked a mile in your shoes so all I can tell you is it hurts me when you are hurting even without knowing how in the world you’re strong enough to go through this. I just know you both are! I know you and Joyce both have what it takes for this battle!

    • RD – you have my positive energy going with you and your wife today as she goes for her appointment.

      The road you’re both on is a road me and my husband traveled – soon to be 8 years ago.

      We too felt like you and Joyce do at this moment in time. At first you’re in shock from the diagnosis – then you’re filled with all kinds of emotions.

      BUT ….. I know that you and Joyce have what my husband and I had – a great support system from loved ones in your family and your many friends.

      I’ve often asked my husband how in the Hell we ever made it through that cancer journey time period – and then I remember – we made it through because we had a lot of love and support. And we just took things one day at a time – and we just did it – without even thinking about it.

      If there is anything I can do to help – please feel free to contact me.

  3. Think Islamists Are the Only Religious Terrorists? Meet Some Famous Killers for Christ

    The next time someone tries to tell you that Islam produces the only violent religious extremists of the world, show them these examples.

    • What about these Jesus Camps that Evangelical Christians have had for years?

      These are camps with the sole purpose to train young children in how to be warriors for Jesus Christ.

      So – when these same Evangelicals accuse and demonize the Islamists for their training camps – I just have to shake my head.

      • We could also bring up Napalm which burned a bunch people, but the ‘conservatives’ would only come back with some kind of nonsense about war while ignoring that the beheadings and burning they’re outraged about happened during wars.

        And if we brought up the atrocities Israel commits daily we would be in danger of being burned! Those ‘conservatives’ don’t recognize anything evil coming out of Israel.

      • What about the US drones killing a lot of people – some innocent civilians.

        Again -I have to ask – if there were Islamists sending drones over to our country to kill people – what would these same Conservatives be saying and screaming to do?

        Obama was right to point out what has been done in the name of the Christian God.

        These Conservative Christian Republicans remind me of these men who beat their wives and children and then try to excuse their violent actions by saying ‘it was for their own good’.

        Yeah – beating someone into a pulp is always the ‘good thing’ to do..

  4. Protect our borders? Have a look at this!

    One map that shows the US’ “border” is everywhere

  5. Did you guys hear that Germany offers FREE college tuition to every comer — not just German citizens but every student from everywhere. I heard one commenter say he thought it would be a good idea for high school students to study German.

    • Germany recognizes something that Americans do not – the future is in our younger generations.

      The more educated these younger people are – the better for the country.

      Whenever I hear these Tea Party Evangelical Christian Republicans spew the GOP talking point that our public education system is filled with Liberals indoctrinating our children to Marxist and socialism – I just want to SCREAM.

  6. I don’t like liars! I do wish everyone who lied about Iraq would be held accountable — starting with Cheney and his bunch of neocons!