Friday, 2/6/15, Public Square

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by | February 6, 2015 · 6:00 am

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    There he goes again telling Americans the truth. How dare that black man get so uppity..

    As we all know by now – ISIS posted a video of how they killed that Jordan pilot when they put into a cage, doused it with fuel and then set fire to it.

    Hmmm…….sounds a lot like the witch burnings in Salem – doesn’t it?

    And who were the ones that lit the fire during those burnings – dare I say religious fanatics that professed to be morally superior Christians???

    I do not condone ISIS and their murdering ways – but this is not the first time in history that we’ve seen these things being done in some God’s name..

    And THAT was President Obama’s point – which, of course, went right over these outraged Fundamental Christians.

    The blogs are blowing up over Obama’s comments at this prayer breakfast.

    Just proves my point that

    1) there are stupid people
    2) there are stupid people who are PROUD to be stupid

    • There is a long sordid history of burning people to death. America has blood on her hands as do many many other countries.

      I truly don’t understand the so-called Christians who tell us they are victimized, not respected… and yet quickly jump on the bandwagon of doing unto others what they say they don’t want done unto themselves.

  2. Quite true. Here in KS we exempted businesses from taxation with the claim that would make them hire people. But the companies quite correctly say they only hire if they have customers. And if the consumers/working people don’t have decent wages they don’t support business expansion.

  3. Asher Bob White

    Sadly, Senator Sanders, while speaking the truth, forgot to mention one of the huge crimes business perpetrates upon all those common people who business needs and wants as consumers described by Senator Sanders as “without that income” needed to consume. That business strategy is …. to encourage and provide the needed consumers with “debt” that they can never repay. It is a form of slavery. And it is immoral.