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  1. (from the link): “The budget includes $478 billion of investment in roads, bridges, and transit systems as part of a six-year plan to update America’s aging infrastructure.

    To pay for it, the president proposes a tax on $2 trillion in US corporate profits that are sitting overseas. That would mean both a one-time, 14-percent tax on existing profits as well as a new, 19-percent minimum tax moving forward on global profits. The new tax would close a loophole that allows corporations to avoid the taxes by stashing those existing profits in foreign countries.

    But there are some goodies for corporations: the president seeks to lower the corporate rate on domestic profits from 35 percent to 28 percent.”

    Pres. Obama’s New Budget Says A Lot About His Remaining Priorities


    Of course we ALL recognize that corporations shouldn’t be allowed to avoid taxes.

    You know what I heard a ‘conservative’ say on this topic? Went something like, ‘ask the doers to pay taxes to repair something we all already paid taxes to maintain.’ It seemed fine with him that these corporations hid their profits overseas to avoid taxes. Someone then asked him if he was able to cover his expenses today on less than he could 10 years ago. He answered of course not and added a bunch of malarkey about how hard he works and how he and his family are able to cut back… Then he was reminded that even tho costs on everything have increased his taxes are lower so the government is facing increased costs like we all do but on reduced revenue. It wasn’t anything he wanted to hear and he had already made up his mind it wasn’t true so he started complaining about President Obama, and the debt and he threw in some of the lies that the gullible buy into so they can justify their ignorance. Today’s republicans work for the wealthy and they use people like this ‘conservative’ who falls for words over facts. It seems impossible to reason with unreasonable people.

    • These CONservatives like you described above are also those who are on Medicare – the taxpayer-provided health care system.

      I am 100% convinced that our elderly population has increased in great numbers because they get regular health care.

      I am also 100% convinced that the ‘working class’ Americans are those folks who may or may not have had health insurance before Obamacare came into the game. These folks are more than likely those people who do not go to the doctor regularly.

      Even with very good health insurance – I still had to pay thousands out of pocket during my cancer journey.

      To make things worse – Via Christi was harassing me from Day One after being discharged from 29 days of two hospital visits, extensive surgery and facing months of chemotherapy.

      I was even told by these Catholics to divorce my husband, quit my job and go on welfare so THEY can get paid for their bills and I would be sure to be able to get my upcoming chemo therapy treatments paid for.

      I am one of those ‘doers’ that the CON was referring to – and I was up the creek without a paddle when a catastrophic diagnosis came my way.

      Or – is this CON blaming me for daring to get sick?

      BTW – if the CON mentioned above is on Medicare – then I don’t want my tax dollars being used to pay for his erectile dysfunction pills.

      • I was 54 yrs old when diagnosed with cancer. That is way too early for Medicare and Social Security to kick in.

        How many others are in that same boat – as we speak?

  2. Indy we are facing the same thing, My wife was found to have cancer on her voice box. They removed it today and she is resting well. She is said to be doing good enough that she might get out in a day or two.

    • R.D. – I sent a message to you on FB (I hope I picked the right profile?)

      Fnord is keeping me updated about your wife and – please – feel free to call on me if I can help with anything.

      I’ve been where you are now – and I know that road.

      Give your wife my best wishes – and you take care of yourself also.