Friday, 1/30/15, Public Square

comply or die


by | January 30, 2015 · 3:45 am

3 responses to “Friday, 1/30/15, Public Square

  1. G-Stir

    Obey or pay?

  2. Asher Bob White

    There seems to me to be a lot of really, genuinely good people in this nation. There is even some evidence to that effect. So, how can things be this bad? Troubling? Is it just me, and the way I see things? I’m horrified by our government, our justice system and the daily propaganda from our media.

    • The media is corporate owned , our politicians should wear corporate logos on their clothing – which I think is a BIG factor.

      As for our justice system? It seems the person with the most money wins at that particular chess game.

      BTW – justice system that routinely keeps the trough full for those for-profit prisons?