Thursday, 1/29/15, Public Square

114th congress


by | January 29, 2015 · 6:00 am

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  1. Will the republicans bring back child labor in America? Once they’ve decimated the labor unions it should be easier. Mustn’t hinder the “job creators” or the “free market” in their respective purely altruistic endeavors.

  2. If these Republicans had the way – they would go back to the good old days of the Colonial days – can’t you just picture the Koch Brothers in the dandy little powder wigs and those ruffled shirts and short trousers with tights underneath?

    There were plantations with slaves back then. The plantation owner had to house, feed and clothe his slaves.

    Today’s corporate CEO’s have manipulated our government entitlement program to the point where the taxpayers are forced to house, feed and clothe the slaves – while the CEO’s get their huge paychecks and even larger perks.

    • And these elitists do it all under the disguise of being so morally superior.

      That is what really grates my nerves – the hypocrisy of using Jesus’ name in making money any damn way it takes …….But then again, these churches are nothing more than corporations themselves.

  3. Republicans must be very lazy or maybe it’s too busy or not capable of being an informed voter… Kobach would sure like to limit voting options! Republicans are big on controlling people and their options.

    Kris Kobach (KS-SOS) Proposes Straight Ticket Voting, Faces Hip-Check from KS Democrat

  4. Good To Know …

    Bernie Sanders says, if he runs for President in 2016, it will be as a Democrat.

    “No matter what I do, I will not be a spoiler,” Sanders said. “I will not play that role in helping to elect some right-wing Republican as President of the United States.”

    • Bernie is a good guy – I just wish more of the ‘elite’ Democrats and Republicans would wake up and smell the coffee to know Bernie is 100% correct on economic and military issues.

  5. Asher Bob White

    So, today we are all reminded of circus expectation; Republican “elephants”, yes, also Republican “clowns”, and “rigged-games” too.



      Speaking of Republican ‘clowns’ …..

      What will be funny to watch is how the Establishment Republicans try to knock Sarah Palin out of the way without risking the wrath of these Churchy Evangelical Republicans and the Tea Party set for going ‘after her’.

      As we’ve all seen many times before – the GOP clowns are very adept at starting a big ol’ circus – make their money – and then fizzle out like a firework display during a rainstorm.

      • The republicans wanted so badly for Palin to be something it was obvious to every thinking person she was incapable of being — she isn’t smart, she’s not well informed, her morals aren’t exlempary, she isn’t even kind and she isn’t humble. If a person like her is who they want as president of the United States they had to dig a hole to lower the bar that far!

      • I was insulted by the fact these Republicans truly believed that every woman would vote for Sarah Palin in 2008 – simply because she had female parts.

        These arrogant and ignorant Republicans were deliriously happy when Obama knocked out Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination.

        What these buffoons did not count on was the fact that most women know we have one good shot at getting our first woman president. And we were not about to waste that chance on the likes of Sarah Palin.

        When have Republicans ever given women the credit that we are not just Barbie dolls waiting for to please our man? Women make up the majority of voters and if that power was unleashed – this country would be an entirely different place – IMHO

        Maybe that is why Republicans (especially those Fundy Christians) are so hell bent on keeping women down?

  6. The average American household was poorer in 2013 than it was in 1983

    • Hmmm…..1983… who was in the White House at that time?

      I love to tell my story of how I was told to divorce my husband in 1986. This was the year our son was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes. This is not a cheap disease.

      The hospital social worker actually told my husband and me to get a divorce and then both our kids would get health insurance cards until reached legal age. That way – our son’s medical needs would be taken of and the doctors/hospitals would get paid.

      Hmmm……..I was also told in 2007 to divorce my husband, quit my part time job and go on welfare because I was diagnosed with colon cancer Stage III and prognosis was very grim. I had just gone through 32 days of hospitalization and was facing months of chemotherapy.

      Hmmmm…..both times, what party was in the White House?

      Hmmm……maybe this has been one factor in why the poor has stagnated? And the working Middle Class is not far behind the Poor in that particular boat.

      • BTW – I was told both times that I could still live with my husband – we just could not be legally married.

        Also – do some research into how it is beneficial for a woman with kids to be not married and make less than the cap for income to qualify for Earned Income Credit and all those child tax credits.

        This is how a lot of unmarried couples are getting those huge tax refund checks.

        So – where are all those Conservative Christians who preach about those family values?

        I don’t hear anyone talking about this.

        In fact, Romney said during the 2012 campaign that it would not be the American way to not take advantage of all tax breaks .

        So – it is a tax break and it is legal.

        But – in so doing it this way – it is also stupid for these CONs to preach about how marriage is so important and those family values come first.

        Sorry – their rhetoric and what actually happens do not match.