Tuesday, 1/27/15, Public Square

income inequality


by | January 27, 2015 · 6:00 am

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  1. You’ve probably seen the Republican talking point about what they call the “real” unemployment rate in America. A quick Google search brings back a list of just about every conservative propaganda rag reporting the same number: 92 million Americans have “left” the labor force.

    • But…but…if Rush says it is true – then Hannity says it is true – then Ted Cruz says it is true – then Sarah Palin has to parrot the same GOP talking point – and so on along the lines of many GOP puppet masters.

      Bottom line – it really does not matter what the top morons spew – if the targeted audience (as pictured above) are sitting there on their fat butts and eating all these outright lies as cotton candy – game’s over.

      Just like when the Mayor of Paris called out Fox News about telling the lies about the No-Go Zones in Paris – what did Foxxies do?

      Gave a half-ass apology – knowing full well that their targeted audience will simply throw more millions into their corporate collection plates (yes, mega churches and televangelists, I am looking at you) and the fact Foxxies has been outed as liars – really does not matter.

      • It’s easy for republicans to make stuff up — their constituency swallows their lies hook line and sinker without even wondering whether that might or might not be true.

  2. More good news out of health-care reform —

    Obamacare Will Cost 20% Less Than Initial Projections, CBO Says:

    Administration starts chipping away at fee-for-service healthcare system:

  3. This is an article about what my daughter Tonya is doing nowadays —


  4. We were just talking about this! What a great quote!