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  1. Obama Haters are not interested in the truth. These folks just want to keep on hating the black man that dared to beat both their wealthy old white guys in their own game of politics.

    How dare he.

    Besides -Foxxies Hen House Cluck Fest would not be happy unless they get paid millions to cluck-cluck-cluck about things they just ‘make up’..

    Case in point – did you hear where the Mayor of Paris said she wants to sue Fox News for their lies they were spewing about there were parts of Paris that even the police won’t go in because those evil Muslims run everything?

    I hope this mayor goes for it….

  2. Remember when the chart above was referred to as the ‘bikini chart’?

  3. What is really wrong with con economic theory?


    It simply does not add up. You do not CREATE anything with austerity, austerity takes away. That is the opposite of creation.

    So when I hear people say vote republican because they are more fiscally responsible, it makes me laugh. Not a single of the crazy con theories have ever worked. Every scheme they put forward — from wars for profit, to schools for profit, to medicine for profit, to retirement for profit — well, there was one goal, taking money from the working poor and middle class and moving it the already rich.

      • Asher Bob White

        Could any of you support Bernie Sanders for President? I could. I do want a woman president. It is time. And at the same time, Hillary scares me because I view her as both too closed/careful, and too conservative. I’ve been educated (or maybe brainwashed) by George Laffer in his argument and assertion that “conservative” is the same as “immoral”: That conservative is not in the common good or the public interest; that conservative is all about big-business and it’s corrupting agenda. And I’m very aware that Sen. Elisabeth Warren would be a very good progressive and out-spoken alternative to Hillary, but she says she’s not running. Does that leave Bernie?

      • Yes, I could and would vote for Bernie Sanders — he really “get’s it” when it comes to our very form of government becoming an Oligarchy. I also agree that conservative equals immoral. The whole conservative agenda goes against everything moral, everything having to do with the common good. Whether you are Christian, any other religion, or no religion, love of humanity is the basis of both religion and morality. The idea that we treat others as we want to be treated is the backbone. I feel very strongly about the separation of Church and State, but I also feel strongly that morality isn’t limited to religion.

        The Libertarian view is equally immoral. Honestly and truly in a moral society NO MAN IS AN ISLAND and as already noted every religion teaches to “care for your neighbor.” Not to mention the desire to live in a well educated society. A libertarian state that does less, costs less, leaves business alone and worries little about public education or the disadvantaged is not any more moral than discriminating against and out-right hating what is perceived as “different.”

      • Oh, I could and would vote for Senator Sanders. The trouble is, not enough others would. I believe the same is true for Senator Warren. Much as the Tea Party types, both are perceived as too extreme by the great middle who still elects the President. Thus, Secretary Clinton is the best bet, as she is most definitely electable.

        The country is, for better or worse, ready for a 1950s Republican. That’s Mrs. Clinton.

        Don’t let the perfect become the enemy of the good.

  4. Over the weekend one of my cousins lost her hubby suddenly — a healthy man still working — when a blood clot no one knew anything about and that gave no symptoms went to his lungs. They’re in the early sixties, a few years younger than me.

    I feel very sad.

    Remember to cherish your loved ones!

    • So sorry to hear this tragic news.

      Words can never take away the pain, sadness, hurt or anger over the loss of loved ones – but I think you know that our group of blog friends truly care about one another.

      Anything I can do to help – just let me know.

      Hugs to you my dear blog friend.

  5. Bush began his presidency with a burden — his 2000 victory emerged in the country’s most hotly contested election since 1876, with the final outcome determined by a 5-to-4 Supreme Court decision.

    Remember, though, that the American people judge their presidents largely in four-year increments, and by the time Bush faced the voters for reelection in 2004, not all of these negative factors had come fully into focus. He collected only 51 percent of the popular vote and took the Electoral College contest by a mere 35 ballots.

    It was during the second term that things fell apart. The folly of the Iraq war became increasingly clear, and Bush’s credibility plummeted. The war sapped federal resources and threw the nation’s budget into deficit. The president made no effort to inject any fiscal austerity into governmental operations, eschewing his primary weapon of budgetary discipline, the veto pen. His first budget director, Mitch Daniels (later Indiana governor), strongly urged a transfer of federal resources from domestic programs to the so-called War on Terror, much as Franklin Roosevelt directed such a transfer when he led the country into World War II. Bush rejected that counsel and allowed federal spending to flip out of control. The national debt, which was being steadily paid down under Clinton, shot back to ominous proportions. Meanwhile, economic growth rates began a steady decline, culminating in a negative growth rate in the 2008 campaign year.

    During W. Bush’s eight years, tremendous damage was done to two cities – New York City on 9/11, and Katrina in 2005. In both cases, Bush was warned repeatedly of the dire consequences, and did nothing at all (compare and contrast with Clinton, who aggressively fought Al Qaeda, and who transferred the world’s two largest pumps, autonomously powered on board naval ships, when a hurricane threatened NOLA during his term – imagine how much damage would have been avoided if Bush had done this!)

    Bush was literally the first President to publicly practice and condone torture.

    He is reported to have once screamed at some Republican Congressional leaders “Don’t you quote the Constitution to me, it is just a goddam piece of paper.” And he and Cheney proved what they thought of that “piece of paper” with the outing of Valerie Plame, the firing of career attorneys in the Justice department for political reasons, etc. etc. Perhaps that relates to his sanctimony — he was sure he knew what was right and wrong, regardless of what the Constitution said.

    He led a botched effort to repeal Social Security.

    The Terry Sciavo matter. The great champions of states rights intervened in a case where the State of Florida had clear and unobstructed jurisdiction, to legislatively overturn a judges’ decision that took into account all the twists and turns of the evidence (and with which the legislators and the President could not possibly have known).

    The public saw the President addressing manufactured and carefully screened crowds of supporters at “town hall” meetings, they saw his thugs throwing out anyone likely to even look askance, let alone raise a challenging question.

    The Office of the Vice President convened a high level summit of energy industry players to which the public was neither invited nor informed of. (Enron was one of the key invitees.)

    Bush stood by as Enron et al manufactured a takeover of California. Gray was replaced because of his lack of effort to fix the energy ‘crisis’ while it was all being manipulated by Enron. The replacement governor, a Republican, started with a massive tax give-back. This caused havoc in the budget, the effects of which the state is still reeling from to this day, more than a decade later.

    As it turned out that the electricity shortages were in fact a conspiracy of the electricity generators and broker-traders. So the investigation that the FERC and the White House refused to do permitted – if not overtly covered up – a criminal conspiracy.

    He ignored all advice that may have prevented a financial meltdown our country is still recovering from.

    George W. Bush: Still the worst
    A new study ranks Bush near the very bottom in history, due to delusional wars, reckless spending and inflexibility

    • How can so many self-professed fiscal conservatives still worship GWB when he inherited a budget surplus – and blew it?

      And then he left us with an economy on the verge of collapse.

  6. This is one of the many many interesting pieces written about the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland. —

    As inequality soars, the nervous super rich are already planning their escapes
    Hedge fund managers are preparing getaways by buying airstrips and farms in remote areas, former hedge fund partner tells Davos during session on inequality

  7. When Speaker of the House John Boehner issued his rash and dangerous invitation to Benjamin Netanyahu to speak to Congress, he unleashed a firestorm of criticism. Together, the two men are trying hard to undermine President Obama’s negotiations with Iran in favor of military action.

    J Street, a fairly liberal, pro-peace group that advocates for Israel, was alarmed enough that it sent a letter to its members. It asked them to contact their representatives in Congress about withdrawing support for Netanyahu’s appearance. It read:

    “This invitation looks like a thinly veiled attempt to scuttle the critical negotiations taking place right now aimed at ensuring that Iran never acquires a nuclear weapon. Bibi and Obama disagree on how to deal with Iran, and that’s fair. But a foreign leader lobbying Congress is inappropriate.”

    The dilemma is clear. It is far beyond the pale for the leader of another nation to try to dictate the foreign policy of the United States. Israel, and Netanyahu in particular, have a long history of attempting to do just that. The Israeli leader has an especially conflictual relationship with Obama and gives every appearance of aligning himself with the Republican Party — which, of course, is going to alienate Democrats who might otherwise be supportive.

    All of this is a crude, ill-fated attempt to discredit the President and to seize control of an issue that can be turned into profits for the war industry. Many of Israel’s actions are driven by those profits — including their brutal attacks on Gaza — but this time, vengeance toward Obama may be the primary motivator.

    Boehner Criticized By Dems And Jewish Leaders Over Invitation To Netanyahu.

    • Is there a way to impeach John Boehner as The Speaker of the House for trying to undermine this country’s foreign policy?

      • BTW – wasn’t John Boehner also the one who was jumping up and down throwing a hissy fit and calling Americans traitors and committing treason when these folks dared to question George W. Bush and Gang over their invasion of Iraq?

        And let’s not forget what these same Republicans did to the Dixie Chicks..

      • indy, short answer is “no”. Rationale: see Article Two, Section 4, Constitution of the United States.

  8. We’re gonna need a lot of popcorn! It’s about to get very interesting in Alabama.

    Alabama’s first openly-gay state lawmaker has strong words for her “family values” colleagues who are attacking same-sex marriage.

    Gay Alabama Lawmaker Threatens To Out Closeted And Cheating Colleagues

  9. To our family and friends on the East Coast…please stay safe today in the wake of this snowstorm.

    And if you’re one of those idiots screaming about “NO SOCIALISM”, and” I-don’t-need-no-guv’mint-to-help-ME-out”

    Enjoy the snowplows we all paid for…together.