Saturday, 1/24/15, Public Square



by | January 24, 2015 · 6:00 am

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  1. Guns, guns and more guns. Police are understandably nervous each time they interact with someone — nobody knows who is armed and even if you can see the weapon nobody can tell the bad guys from the good guys.

    So what does the state of Kansas propose? Well inside the state if you can ‘legally’ own a gun you can legally carry that gun concealed or openly. Yep, inside this state conceal your weapon without having a permit which showed you at least have some training. No training needed, no permit needed! That is the gist of the bill introduced last week with more sponsors than votes needed to pass the bill.

    Wild west times here we return! Put your guns over your shoulders or hang em in holsters wherever you choose or conceal some too! Guns, guns and more guns. Remember back in those old wild west days when guns were checked at the city limits or the door of the saloon or… The pendulum swings!

  2. The poor person eats the cookie because he is STARVING! The CEO hides his 11 cookies plus 2 more he gets through loopholes offshore then tells the worker that the poor are lazy and are the reason there are not cookies to go around!

    • The rich are so far removed from the REAL people that IF a poor or middle class American even gets close to them, their security person tazers the ‘suspect’ and calls law enforcement. At that point this person is in even more jeopardy because their voice probably isn’t going to be allowed to be heard. Nope. That would mean they were resisting. Look above. No charge other than trying to say you’d done nothing wrong.

    • Asher Bob White

      This is a great metaphor for exactly what is happening in this nation. And, in my opinion, this is not what is wanted by the vast majority. However, it IS the result of all those among that same vast majority who vote. Stupid! Maybe, “democracy” is NOT the answer we tho’t it was. Or, maybe this democracy is gerrymandered by being a Democratic Republic in place of being a Free Democracy. Would getting rid of the U.S. Senate be a step-in-the-right-direction? And you already know that I’m an advocate of a “term limit”.