Thursday, 1/22/15, Public Square

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by | January 22, 2015 · 6:00 am

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  1. This cartoon depicts these Conservative groups appropriately – in war machine tanks.

    It is not a surprise these same groups will NEVER try to dismantle – or even dare to cut the funding to their real master – the Military Industrial Complex Beast.

    Republican President Dwight Eisenhower was a war general before coming to the White House. And what did Eisenhower tell us in his farewell speech?

    The Military Industrial Complex Beast should never be over fed. And Americans have the right to unionize.

    Those are just two of the issues that Eisenhower spoke about in his farewell speech.

    BTW – Eisenhower was also the last Republican to balance the budget.

    Knowing that fact – wouldn’t you think these Conservative Tea Party Republicans would be rallying to follow Eisenhower’s foot steps?

  2. Andy Borowitz says —

    It’s hard for John Boehner to relate to people trying to survive on a full-time job that pays $15,000 when he has a part-time job that pays $223,000.

  3. Another day, another Republican double standard.

    The Tax Reform Act of 1986, signed by Reagan, raised the maximum tax rate on long-term capital gains to 28% from 20%. In fact, Reagan was the first president to raise capital gains taxes to the same level as earned income (wage) taxes.

    • But…but…those evil heathen liberals MADE Reagan raise those taxes.

      At least that is what I’ve been hearing from these Republican Reagan Puppets.

      Besides – we all know their GOP standards by now – if a Democrat does it – he/she is evil heathen destined for Hell.

      If a Republican does the exact same thing – it is NEVER his/her fault. I think it is the GOP version of Adam blaming Eve for making the choice to eat the damn apple.

  4. Even tho some of the other countries outnumber us in population — USA #1

    • And the first thing Conservative Evangelical Christian Republicans will blame is how our government as driven God out of our society.

      Oh – is that why there are so many mega corporate churches on every corner making a lot of tax-free millions of dollars?

    • Asher Bob White

      Holy Cow; again!

  5. Very interesting! If this doesn’t make republicans STOP and FACE REALITY, they’re incapable of thinking.

    The Quiet Way America Will Really Change in 2015

  6. In celebration of Texas’ longest-serving governor, Rick Perry, who departed from office this week after 14 years —