Wednesday, 1/21/15, Public Square


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by | January 21, 2015 · 6:00 am

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  1. I did not watch the speech last night – we cancelled our Direct TV service several months ago and I am glad to be rid of them. But that’s another story.

    I did see a website that had a picture of Obama with the quote something to the effect that his presidency is in the 4th quarter and interesting things happen in the 4th quarter.

    I hope this means Obama has his veto pen ready and an ample supply of ink.

    If you’ve seen other blogs – Conservatives have their tight-white panties in a twist over Michael Moore’s comment about the movie American Sniper.

    I’ve not seen this movie, so I cannot speak directly to what I feel about the film

    But – I have read a few things about this guy the title role is based on – and it sounds like he had a lot of mental health issues when he came home from the sand-filled hell holes that OUR politicians seem to believe they have the right to send as many of our Americans (of course, these are ‘other peoples’ loved ones) as possible so we can invade anywhere at anytime.

    Like usual – the raging debate going on currently is whether this guy was a hero or a coward (as Moore said snipers are).

    Again – we are so divided into black and white – Liberal and Conservative – that we cannot learn from this guy’s life and what happened to him?

    Of course – I see these Conservatives as using this movie – and the controversy – to ramp up support for going into another war.

    If this is what is happening and Republicans manage to take the White House in 2016 – they will hit the Trifecta. The country barely survived the disastrous years of George W. Bush and Gang. God help us if these Republicans get another turn – they might just succeed in bringing down our country once and for all.

    Of course, these folks will always have the black man to blame for any problems…