Sunday, 1/18/15, Public Square

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  1. My blog friends,

    We are people “of a certain age.” They don’t use that expression any longer, do they? But we all know what it means. And we’re all people who do think about planting trees whose shade we’ll never sit in.

    We spend more time looking back when we get older because there’s less time to see ahead. I want to say clearly that loving all of you is one of the better things I do.

    Steven made a place where we can always find each other and that makes me smile. We can even find Steven, and now Rox, here. Most days it’s just me and Indy and that’s okay because we enjoy each other’s company, and we know you’re somewhere nearby and if we need you we can find you. đŸ™‚

    I don’t expect to ever make any big differences but I recognize each one of us has made lots of small differences. I won’t go into details because I don’t have to, but I hope each of you know you’ve helped me in more than small ways!


    • Linda – I will always remember that it was you that reached out to me to join this blog – and I am forever grateful for that gesture.

      I remember Steven sending me a book – at his own personal cost – and he did not even know me (other than me participating on this blog). Now – that was an act of a caring person.

      I’ve never had the privilege to meet any of our blog members in person – but I feel like I know each and every one. Through our comments – we open our hearts and share our thoughts about how we feel – how we hope we can make a difference in this big world of ours.

      I’m convinced that the true power of change is not with those few who believe their money can buy anything they want.

      The true power of change is within the masses of everyday ‘ordinary’ people who all live their lives to the best they can – and with that, these people make the difference in this world.

      A bunch of little differences can add up to one helluva of a big difference.

      The trick is – how can we harness all that power from the masses?

      That is where our blog comes into play – sharing, caring, hoping, and being encouraged by others who simply want to see things change for the better.

      We all do not have to agree on every issue – but we all do agree that diversity is a good thing. That is something that is not found on every blog.

      Linda – take heart my dear friend – what we may see as a small thing, may just be seen as a link to someone who is following our blog but has not participated by commenting.

      We never know where our words or thoughts might take root in another person’s mind.

    • Asher Bob White

      Sorry, I never met Linda. Sound like that was my loss.

  2. prairiepond

    Hi Guys–I’m going to try to do better about being here. It’s easy to take for granted that things will always be here, people will always be here, and that we can always return to our favorite places. Not so. Not ever so. It was nice to see old posters here paying respects to Wicked. I wish the whole gang would come back. Thank you Linda for always keeping the light on, the home fire burning, and reminding us all of what is important. Sorry to have drifted away for so long.

    I don’t write much anymore at all, so maybe this will help me get going again. It’s always nice to have a friendly audience and such great company.

  3. prairiepond

    In case anyone is wondering…

    Yes, I still have the farm for sale. Land prices have dropped like a stone in the last two years, a function of both falling commodity prices and oil price plunging. I refuse to give it away so I’m holding out. Hope it doesn’t take another generation for prices to come back.

    Yes, I am slowing getting back into politics. After a ten year absence, I have returned as the local party chair and precinct person. The KDP is so pathetic I couldn’t stand it anymore to not participate. Some days, I wonder why I’m such a masochist. Other days, like Fnord, I hope I can make a difference. Mostly, we Democrats here can hold our meetings in a restaurant booth, but we should probably do it in a nursing home since that’s the average age of our members. Sigh. Hope to change that.

    Yes, I still have a “new” girlfriend, although it’s been nine months so it’s not so new. We have our ups and downs but she’s been a great joy… and trial. Guess that’s how it is with all relationships. She’s 20 years younger than I so she keeps me young. At least younger. Neither one of us thought we’d ever find love again, especially here in Mayberry. Guess that means we should never say never.

    Summer is well again after almost a year of medical problems. She’s back to being her old goofy self, but you can tell she’s older and wiser and enjoys sitting on Mom’s feet as much as she used to enjoy biting them. Lucky remains Lucky the Wonder Dog. Happy and playful and ever on duty to her family, she’s the picture of a dog’s dog and what a dog should be.

    Hope everyone is doing well. I’m gonna miss Wicked. I only met her once, but as was said yesterday, she was so smart and independent and dedicated to both family and craft. She was so kind to send me a detailed process about how to maybe find my birth family. All her families were lucky to have her. She was a shooting star across our lives. Bright and quick and indescribably beautiful as she made her arc across the sky. She left a trail of light even as she blazed her way beyond the horizon.

    • Glad to hear you are getting back into politics. Maybe you will be just one spark of what I was trying to say earlier – the true majority needs to harness our power and kick some political butt.

      I come into contact with a lot of people at my front desk motel job on the weekends.

      And let me just say – I can always tell what type of crowd we have in our motel by their reaction to the Fox News playing in the breakfast room.

      Some folks – usually old, white and obviously not hurting for money – are those who will sit and agree with everything that is said by some Foxxie News talking head. There was one weekend when that type was the majority in that room – and the hate-filled comments directed at President Obama was about too much for me to stomach that weekend. I managed to not bite my tongue off – LOL. But I did manage to get a few comments into the conversation about how current and past Republicans have all done their share of bad things to our country…

      But there are those who will then make a comment to me when they check out about how they truly think about politics.

      This is a diverse group but when these folks make comments to me – it is about how they are sick and tired of how politics is so divisive today.

      And about 95% of this diverse group will blame corporations and wealthy people manipulating our politicians.

      So – you see – there is a silent majority of folks who are fed up. But these folks are the ones who go about living their lives every day to the best they can – and they all make their own small differences.

      I wish I had a magic wand to harness all the diverse power of that Silent Majority. I truly believe our country would be a different place, if we could only find that magic wand.

    • Much belated again, but thanks for the update, my friend.