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  1. This seems like a clear statement of what the Koch brothers expect from the legislators they bought and paid for.

    Conservative Koch Brothers’ Group Puts Congressional GOP On Notice

  2. Is it intentional? Yes, I believe so. After all those — what is it 7? — who own all the media outlets want to control us and it’s harder to control the educated, well-informed person capable of critical thinking.

  3. He is a republican. Brownback doesn’t represent ALL republicans, there are some good ones. I really think there is still hope for our state. I cling to that hope!


    I thought I would let my response to the Governor’s address simmer for 24 hours before printing it. I knew the Gov. & I were not on the same page on some issues, but his address revealed we a pages apart.

    The Governor began by recognizing numerous dignitaries present in the House Chamber; his cabinet, legislative leadership, leaders of Native American Nations, Board of Regents, etc. He clearly shunned the Kansas Supreme Court. Mr. Governor, they were the individuals in the front row wearing the black robes. This was clearly not an oversight and was disrespectful. It fans the flames of animosity among the branches of government.

    The content of the address:

    Governor: The State of the State is strong.

    My Response: I acknowledge that Kansas is fortunate to be experiencing economic recovery. However, the rate of recovery lags behind our neighboring States and the national average. Clearly, the State of Kansas is not fiscally strong, with looming large budget deficits.

    Governor: Proposed a two year budget with revenues exceeding expenditures in each year while continuing the march to zero income taxes.

    My Response: The Governor provided little detail how this would be accomplished. There are income tax reductions that have been passed, but not yet implemented. It is my preference to defer implementation of further tax cuts for two years to avoid stacking budget deficits one year upon another.

    Governor: Seeks to repeal the current school finance formula, continue the present level of school funding for two years and adopt a new school finance equation.

    My Response: I agree with the Governor that we must do something about continuous school finance litigation. It is not healthy for Kansas and our children. I think the Governor puts the “cart before the horse”. We should first see if it is possible to reach a workable formula that is equitable to all districts before repealing the current law.

    Governor: Supports moving local elections to the fall.

    My Response: I oppose. Our current non partisan elections would be tainted by the highly charged party politics of November election candidates. I am concerned about the historically low voter turnout in the Spring, but moving local elections to the fall is not the answer.

    Governor: Seeks a constitutional amendment calling for the popular political election of Supreme Court Justices.

    My Response: I strongly oppose. I have had the opportunity to witness political ideology dictate judicial decisions. It is ugly. The Judiciary should be insulated from political influence, not thrown into the political arena. The populace should not determine the rule of law.

    Governor: “From beginning to life to end of life, Kansas is the most pro-life State in America”.

    My Response: How can Kansas be a pro-life State when it continues to impose the death penalty? Those who champion the sanctity of life know that it applies to all life, not just innocence.

    The challenges are before us – I am ready for the challenge.

    Steven R Becker
    Representative, 104th District (NE Reno County) and former District Court Judge

    • Remember when Republicans demonized President Obama stated in front of the US Supreme Court justices that he felt their ruling on Citizens United was wrong?

      So – it was disrespectful for Obama to come out and exercise his freedom of speech while the US Supreme Court justices were in the audience – but Pastor Sammie can totally disrespect the Kansas Supreme Court justices and that is hunky-dory?

      Only in GOP Fantasyland does that make sense.

  4. Christian who demanded that all Muslims condemn the Paris attacks but did not yourself condemn the attacks in Central African Republic the same week done in the name of religion, might want to think about why.

    Fact is most Christians didn’t condemn the attacks in Africa because they cannot relate in any way to the attackers and don’t feel they are part of their religion. This is exactly the same as Muslims in Michigan or Dubai or Paris felt about the attackers this month or the way Christians felt when Anders Breivik in Norway murdered 77 people in the name of his twisted idea of Christianity.

    Interesting thing is that Muslims DID condemn the Paris attacks, groups like CAIR published lists of numerous leaders who condemned the attacks.

    One can also argue that the extremist militias in Africa are “not real Christians” or that Christianity does not teach violence….just as 1.9 billion peaceful Muslims can argue the same about the extremists in thier own religion. The extremists argue otherwise. If you are Christian make no mistake that the people chopping heads off in the name of your religion right now believe that THEY are real Christians and that their acts are supported by the Bible they can readily quote.

    What is the difference?

    • If one was to read the Bible before they start thumping it – one might read about the many stories of murder, rape, incest, lying, stealing and other sinful acts are in the Bible.

      As I remember – the Bible also tells the story of how the Christian God demanded that one man actually put his son up on the rock for a sacrifice – and this was to prove how much this loved God and truly put God first.

      Hmmm….killing our own son is a good way to prove how much you love your God?

      Maybe it’s time to re-think about worshipping that God….

  5. This is a short read and a good one — an op-ed from The Kansas City Star:

    Steve Kraske: Sam Brownback could be the most consequential governor in Kansas history

    Read more here:

  6. Robert Reich says:

    The Supreme Court has agreed to decide whether all 50 states must provide equal marriage rights to gay and lesbian couples. I’m fairly certain the Court will decide in favor of same-sex marriage. That’s the direction the country is moving in, and the Court can get ahead of the momentum and be on the side of civil rights. This would blunt criticism of its Republican majority as being overtly partisan in their interpretation of the Constitution, thereby giving them leeway to kill off the Affordable Care Act later this year or next.

    Am I being too cynical?

  7. Ironic really. While the US military has been busy abroad fighting extremism over half their country at home has become extremists who are more frightening than Isis or Al-Qa’ida combined!

  8. Personally, I think President Obama should veto every bill that comes to his desk that he recognizes would hurt Americans. To thwart ignorance, apathy, and utter bullshit here, in advance, is the truth. If you haven’t already heard the complaints of republicans you’ll hear them soon. Know the truth!

    • Well…well..well – St. Ronnie holds the record at 78.

      Hmmm…interesting, huh?

      BTW – GWB vetoed only 12? Could that be due to the fact that Republicans had total control in 6 of his 8 years in office?

  9. Happy 51st birthday to U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama! A graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Law School, as First Lady, she has often spoken out on the need to encourage healthy lifestyles and girls’ pursuit of careers in science and technology, as well as to support military families and greater family work-life balance.

  10. Our dear friend wicked lost her battle with cancer today.
    6/14/51 — 1/17/15

    • I had been quite concerned for a while. My last contact was in October, when she had just completed a second round of chemo. At the time, things were “looking up”. Thereafter, silence.

      Going to miss her.

    • Shit. One of the smartest, hilariously sardonic, intelligent, and kindest people I’ve ever known. I had to come back here to pay my respects (my bad for the absence).

    • I just now checked into see how the blog is doing and I am so sorry to read this sad news.

      I never had the privilege to meet Wicked in person. But I did get the sense in her writing and comments that she was a very special person.

      Damn – another person taken too soon by cancer. In the past year, I’ve known several people who have lost their battle with cancer – and they were all in the 50’s to mid 60’s years old.

      My question is – if our country can spend trillions on war machines – then why the hell can’t spend those trillions on something more useful – like getting rid of cancer and other diseases.

      Or just spending those trillions helping all Americans to be able to get the health care they need throughout their entire lives – both preventive and treatments when they do get sick.

      Don’t want to get on my political soap box here – but I remember Wicked’s comments and blog postings during the time Obamacare was being debated. I could feel her frustration with the entire process and the useless bickering back and forth about the basic need for everyone to be able to get healthcare.

      As fnord said above – we are fortunate to have Wicked’s writings here on our blog – and she will forever be in our thoughts.

  11. prairiepond

    There are just no words to describe this loss. She was one in a million and we were privileged to know her, read her… love her.

    Peace, my friend. Peace to you and your family.

  12. It was an honor and a privilege to have known her. We have a bunch of what she thought about things right here on our site. I think someday that will feel comforting. Damn, she was young and she was good and kind and smart as a whip.

  13. Gonna miss Roxie so very much. She was always ready with a biting yet witty comment that made me smile. I will long remember her for that sense of humor and her dedication to her family. Only the good die young.