Friday, 1/16/15, Public Square



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  1. Get rid of public education, then the corporate masters will be one step closer to total power.

    But I do have to wonder if these blind sheeple Republicans – especially the self-professed Christians – will ever wake up to the fact they are being used to further global corporatization?

    I’m not talking about the mega church preachers and televangelists – I am talking about the ordinary, every day Christians, who have been duped by all these fancy mega churches.

    I just have to shake my head when I drive by all these mega church complexes. Does it ever cross one of their members’ mind to ask – how much money does it take to keep this huge money-making business afloat?

    And if one can raise that much money just for the fancy buildings – then why can’t that money be used for what Jesus really taught Christians to do – to help other people?

  2. LOL some of the things I get from the likes of Fox News on my Face Book and in e-mails just crack me up! Generally my response is that maybe they just do not like NAZIS ! When the subject concerns the objections to something that is right and good for the people and the country done by the President or the liberals. Yeah I just accused Bill O’Reily of being a Nazi in something from him.



    The Darling of the Tea Party – Ben Carson – stated that ISIS is a lot like our American Patriots in the fact these folks are willing to die for their beliefs.

    This is causing quite a little stir on the blogosphere.

    While I agree with this guy that ISIS is willing to die for their beliefs – I do not agree with his statement that Americans are willing to give away their beliefs due to political correctness.

    But I have a different view of ISIS than Ben Carson.

    ISIS are people who feel their countries are being threatened and targeted by America. Okay – I can understand that.

    America has encouraged a lot of our corporations to go into these countries and take over all the natural resources – like their oil fields.

    Then we have Georgie W. Bush and his Gang that actually went to war with Iraq on false premise of weapons of mass destruction. Then we go in there and set up shop for the next generation.

    I can understand how these Muslims would feel they are under attack and being threatened.

    But – the American Patriots were people that fought for their independence from England. I can understand that also.

    But – one big difference between American Patriots and ISIS is this: those American Patriots came over to America and took over this land from the Native Indians. Those white people decided they had the power to take the natural resources also.

    And then as history teaches – how did the white people treat the Native Indians? Not very well….


  4. Americans don’t accept that their way of life isn’t what other cultures want. It’s fine and dandy for us to believe we have the best system but it’s not even okay to attempt to force it on other nations or to look down on their cultures and way of life. If we could accept this truth we could be closer to peace.


    The day commemorates the enactment of the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom in 1786.

    Why is this seemingly obscure piece of Revolutionary-era legislation so vital? And why doesn’t the Christian Right want you to know anything about it?

    “Enacted by Congress in 1992 and recognized every January 16 by an annual presidential proclamation.”

    As religious equality advances, so does equal rights for all. So you can see why the Christian Right might not want people thinking like Jefferson. Everybody’s welcome.

    “For all of the shouting about religious liberty — from the landmark Hobby Lobby Supreme Court case, to the passage of the anti-gay Religious Freedom Restoration Act in Mississippi, and more — there is barely any mention, let alone any observance, of the official national Religious Freedom Day, enacted by Congress in 1992 and recognized every January 16 by an annual presidential proclamation.

    The bill, authored by Thomas Jefferson and later pushed through the state legislature by then member of the House of Delegates, James Madison, is regarded as the root of how the framers of the Constitution approached matters of religion and government, and it was as revolutionary as the era in which it was written.”

    So before his death, Jefferson sought to get the last word on what it meant.

    The Statute, he wrote, contained “within the mantle of its protection, the Jew and the Gentile, the Christian and Mohametan, the Hindoo and Infidel of every denomination.”

    That is a powerful and clear statement. Jefferson, almost 200 years ago, refuted the contemporary claims of Christian Right leaders, many of whom not only insist that America was founded as a Christian nation, but that the framers really meant their particular interpretation of Christianity.

    Jefferson further explained that the legislature had specifically rejected proposed language that would have described “Jesus Christ” as “the holy author of our religion.” This was rejected, he reported, “by the great majority.”

    No wonder the Christian Right does not want us to remember the original Statute for Religious Freedom — it doesn’t fit their narrative of history! Nor does it justify their vision of the struggles of the political present, or the shining theocratic future they envision.