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  1. Here’s more survey results. Did some poor person get to eat twice in one day? Maybe they were able to quit their third job or afford bus fare vs walking to work?

    According to the nation’s richest people, the poor have it easy.

    Fifty-four percent of survey respondents categorized as the most financially secure said “poor people today have it easy because they can get government benefits without doing anything in return,” newly released findings by the Pew Research Center show

    • As compared to these corporations – already making obscene profits – get their government welfare without providing American jobs – as they promised when they got the first government handouts to build their new manufacturing plant or whatever..

      Corporate welfare is the real evil here – and I wonder how many poor and hungry people own these corporations??

  2. I cut and pasted this from a Facebook page titled, ‘The Knowledge Movement’

    If you took every Democrat out of office and left only Republicans, their agenda of allowing corporate money to control our elections would move forward, full blast, like a freight train without brakes. We know this because the only resistance has come solely from Democrats.

    Unnecessary wars for profit would be nonstop. We know this because they tried to force Obama into wars with Syria, Egypt, Libya, Russia, and ISIS.

    Another financial collapse would be certain We know this because A) every major financial calamity for the last hundred years have only happened on Republican watch. And B) with their recent win, Republicans are already pushing bills to again deregulate corporations, and again make it so tax payers pick up the tab when Wall Street loses in risky trading.

    More money in politics, more unnecessary wars, and more financial catastrophes are what we would definitely receive if we removed every Democrat from office and off the Supreme Court. This isn’t my [opinion]. This isn’t a guess. Crystal balls, fortune-tellers, or projections from analysts are not needed here. This is what’s happened everytime Republicans were in a position to get their way — it’s historical [fact]. The only thing that’s slightly slowed their agenda has been Progressive Democrats.

    What I find perplexing is that the loudest voices claiming to be against money in politics, and against allowing corporations to devastate our economy are the ones voting for the Republicans who implement these policies. These people are the biggest reason we have these problems, yet boldly complain about the issues that they are the biggest contributors to.

    Now, what if we removed all Republicans?

    Based on Democratic bills that Republicans blocked, we’d see student loan debt reform and stop charging kids trying to get an education an excess of 7% interest when we bailed out Wall Street at 1%. We’d get Universal healthcare, or a Public Option at a minimum. A higher national minimum wage, and a cleaner environment. The gates Republicans opened to flood our elections with unlimited amounts of money would be closed. Again, this isn’t a pie in the sky fantasy. This is all actual legislation Democrats submitted that Republicans blocked. We’re just saying “what if” Republicans weren’t there to block any of this.

    This is a follow-up to the thread about “Lesser of Two Evils.” It is mainly for the people who are rightly angry about politics but really don’t have a clue what’s going on in politics; specifically the ones claiming “both parties are the same,” and that it’s a choice between the “lesser of two evils.” What’s going on in government is frustrating. We have literally watched our Democracy turn into an Oligarchy before our eyes, but the worst thing we can do is remain ignorant. Blindly chanting empty, inaccurate slogans is not going to help the situation. To fix something you first need to make the effort to find out what, how and who screwed it up. I’ve laid out the agendas of both parties in as simple a way as I can, and they very clearly are not “the same.”

    The Knowledge Movement

    • Asher Bob White

      Having read this information posted above which sounds correct to me, I am reminded of the Little Blue Book I read authored by George Lakoff in which he advocated two things that I have tried to implement: First, that to be conservative is to be immoral; and second, that in referring to necessary government funding always use the term “revenue” and never use the term “taxes”. All people hate taxes and they know and understand that good, responsive government must have revenue to advance the common good and the public interest. The common good and the public interest do not, in my mind, include “incentives” for big business nor big agriculture, etc.

      • I work weekends as the front desk in a local motel. Did you notice there is a new ‘tax’ for visitors to our fair city?

        It is called a ‘tourism fee’ .

        We already have two taxes – sales taxes and a guest tax.

        So – I guess since this new tax is not really a tax because it is called a tourism ‘fee’??

        I get the most questions about all three of these taxes.

        Guests can understand the sales tax and even the guest tax – but these folks seem offended when they read the third tax is called a ‘fee’.

        One lady said to me – so your city feels the need to tax the visitors who are here to bring revenue to your city ?

        She does have a point.

        BTW – that lady also asked me why the Kansas Turnpike does not recognize this national toll road pass. She said her husband and her travel from coast to coast regularly – and Kansas is one of the few places that does not take this national toll road pass..

        This woman asked me why our state was so backwards….

        Well – ma’am’ – we do have a lot of those Red-State dyed-in-the-wool Conservative Republicans and a lot of them are Tea Party and/or Fundy Evangelical Christians.

        This woman actually said – ‘enough said’ – while she smiled and thanked me for being so friendly and nice while she was a tourist in my city.

  3. Governor Brownback gives his State of the State address this evening. If he does more than preach as he did in his Inaugural Speech earlier this week, I expect to hear we will have increased gasoline, cigarette, liquor, sales taxes. I don’t expect to hear how education will be affected but I do expect there will be cuts and changes we’ll learn of soon. Will there be another step in the direction of giving our tax money to private schools? I know the increases in taxes will have a greater impact on the poor than the rich.

    After all, the poor have it easy. [Jesus wept.]

    A new study revealed Wednesday that state taxes favor the richest residents, according to the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy. The analysis, which looked at each state’s local tax burden, found the bottom fifth of earners pay as much as seven times as much of their income in taxes as the wealthiest residents in states such as Washington. The study finds that in 2015, the poorest fifth of Americans will pay on average 10.9 percent of their income in state and local taxes, the middle fifth will average 9.4 percent, and the top 1 percent will pay 5.4 percent. The study ranks each state by measuring how regressive (less equal) or progressive (more equal) systems are, based on income before and after taxes in each income group. “Virtually every state’s tax system is fundamentally unfair,” researchers wrote in the report. “Unfair tax systems not only exacerbate widening incoming inequality in the short term, but they also will leave states struggling to raise enough revenue to meet their basic needs in the long term.”

    Poor Families Pay Double The State And Local Tax Rate As The Rich: Study

    (from the link below): Some states have moved away from a progressive system. North Carolina, for example, replaced its graduated income tax with a flat tax and increased the sales tax on electricity in 2013. That same year, Ohio reduced personal income tax rates across the board and raised the sales tax. And Kansas, in addition to reducing its income tax, increased its sales tax.

    New Republican governors as well as Republican majorities in several statehouses across the country have promised to continue the trend and cut personal income tax rates in addition to corporate rates.

    Study Finds Local Taxes Hit Lower Wage Earners Harder

    • I’ve said this before – if you expect to shame or embarrass these Republicans into doing the right thing for everybody – then you’re in for a long wait.

      I am convinced these Republicans are incapable of feeling shame or embarrassment.

      And what’s more -too many of these same Republicans are being patted on their pointed little heads by some mega corporate church preacher man or televangelist that is telling these misguided Republicans that they are correct in their thinking that poor people deserve to be poor.

      Corporate churches are nothing more than profit-making schemes – and tax free money is the best!!!!!’

  4. I imagine all republican governors, definitely including Governor Brownback, are paying close attention to this. After wrecking public schools it is the chance they’ve worked for and their mouths must be watering —

    PA court decision clears path for corporate takeover of York schools

    • This reminds me of my days at that Fundy Baptist College in the mid 1970’s.

      I’m telling you – I can still remember all the talk about how these churches wanted to start their own schools – get the government tax money BUT they did not want any rules or regulations from the government on how they were to run their school.

      What’s really changed in current day? These folks still love that ‘evil’ government’s money – and they still don’t want any oversight into what they are really doing at those schools.