Tuesday, 1/13/15, Public Square



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  1. But…….but….Bill Clinton lied about having sex with that woman while he was president.

    So – using Conservative Republican logic – that makes Bill Clinton an evil heathen and, therefore, should never be believed about anything.

    The dumbest thing Bill Clinton did was to give these CONS that particular piece of ammunition for their declared war on him. It was reported that when Bill told Hillary the truth, Hillary slapped his face and said something to the effect – how could you be so stupid.

    I’m with Hillary on this one…

  2. I’ve never been able to understand why anyone with a lick of sense falls for republican voodoo economics. Talk about gullible!

    It may be all about selfish greed. Someone has convinced these republicans that someone UNdeserving — among the UNdeserving are single moms, union members, minorities — are getting something free and they are bound and determined to not allow that! Evidently they’ve also been bamboozled into believing the gigantic amounts (much more than ever goes to those who actually need help) given to corporate interests is deserved. As I’ve said often: I sure hope I am never able to understand the kind of thinking that would find feeding the poor a bad thing.

    • fnord – the same people who brag about their charity giving because they give to their churches are the those folks who deem certain people as unworthy of help…

      I will NEVER understand why giving money to a corporate church to build yet another huge building, complete with their indoor pool and/or restaurant, is in any way a charitable thing to do?

      Maybe I missed the part in the Bible where Jesus commanded his followers to build themselves huge monuments with all the luxuries – and at tax-free status, no less.

      • The way I remember that part is a command against graven images. Oh, and something about no other Gods… I consider today’s worship at the altar of money and the monstrous graven images built and called churches to be blatant sin.

  3. This is a GOOD read. Republican Representative Don Hineman explaining several of the issues in Kansas public education funding right now.

    “Some legislators see an opportunity to implement policy reforms that involve diverting public funds toward private schools or home schooling. In fact, the first step in that direction was taken with the education appropriation bill last spring. It included provision for state subsidies of corporate scholarships for private education… a significant use of public funds in Kansas for the benefit of private education. That provision was one of the primary reasons that I voted no on the bill.

    But here is the thing: public education does not exist for the benefit of students or for the benefit of their parents. It exists for the benefit of the social order. Public schools were established in America to insure that future generations of citizens have an appreciation for democratic values, understand our common American heritage, and have the skills to be productive members of society. It isn’t necessary for one to be a student or the parent of a student to benefit from public education. Each of us benefits each and every day by the existence of a well-educated populace.”

    More here —

  4. Asher Bob White

    fnord is correct about the original purpose of public education as stated above. But that has largely been changed by business interests just like too many of the original ideas for America. Today, public education as it was originally intended is threatened by “for profit” private schools and STEM curriculum becoming a fundamental objective, thus replacing both liberal arts and fine arts. Today’s students have a very poor chance at getting a “good education” and a much better chance at learning the skills that “business” needs.

    • I believe this assault on public education started back in the mid 1970’s when I graduated from that Fundy Baptist College and then decided to leave the Evangelical Christian movement.

      Every day on the college campus – I heard how the government was being so evil to these churches setting up their own schools.

      And the biggest complaint from these folks was the fact that they wanted the public tax money to run their schools – but they did not want anyone from the government telling them what they had to teach and how they had to run their schools.

      In other words – these Fundy Baptist folks hated the government – but they sure do love the government money.

      This is what is different in today’s country than when I was growing up in the 1950’s.

      We had churches everywhere – but they were not the corporate mega churches we see today.

    • The direction of public education to what business needs began in the 1920s, when going to high school became more common. The regimentation of students in 50 minute classes, sitting in assigned seats, fixed graduation requirements in the form of credits, and learning from the teacher telling the students what they were to learn, a/k/a lectures, to create the assembly line worker who would do what he was told and obey authority figures. We began paying the price for this after WWII, with the pace accelerating in the 60s. The latest attempts are just those with nostalgia trying to return to those halcyon days.