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war on science


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  1. I don’t waste my time with science deniers any longer. With all the evidence science provides those people prove they are willfully ignorant — they have my pity. And for those who are in positions of authority and have been paid to ignore facts and enable the greed of their corporate masters, they have my contempt.

    Those who have faith that what the Bible says (whichever Bible they’ve chosen) is without question but argue that evolution is not proven are beyond the ability to reason.

    Those who ignore the impact of man on our environment will continue to argue. They’ve managed to ignore facts this long.

    In 2007 I found an article published in SEED Magazine titled, “Dr. President.” This was written at the end of the George W. Bush presidency and quoting the piece, “George W. Bush’s presidency, his credibility, and his popularity have declined as his ill-informed policies have foundered.” It was a time we witnessed a science denier in a position of authority. Today, even with President Obama’s valiant efforts our country is harmed by science deniers in positions of authority.

    The linked article set out the importance of science to our country.

    (From the link): As a prerequisite, the next president must grasp how science flows into a democracy at all levels. Whoever wins the election—man or woman, Democrat or Republican—will face profound science-based challenges and questions. Will space become militarized, or remain a neutral zone of unfettered international access? Will we successfully protect our populations and cities from the threats of nuclear and biological terrorism, as well as from emerging pandemics? Can we bring the AIDS crisis in Africa under control? How can we foster continuing biomedical advancement without crossing moral lines?

    Will there be enough jobs available to employ the nation’s scientists? If foreign researchers are better qualified for those jobs, will they receive visas so that US companies can benefit from their skills? And what of research in areas of pure science?

    Under George W. Bush—the man who pronounced climate science “incomplete,” who misled the nation in his first major address about the availability of embryonic stem cells for research, who claimed that Iraq was collaborating with Al Qaida—America’s relationship with reality itself has reached a nadir.

    At the same time—and perhaps not coincidentally—the fortunes of the nation have suffered and the prospects of many Americans, of the American Dream itself, have diminished. From bridge collapses to the failure to protect New Orleans (both before and after Katrina), these days the country can’t even seem to deliver upon the most basic of promises to its citizens—to ensure their safety. Along with the neglect of science has come a broader neglect of expertise, competence, and even functional government. These are, perhaps, matters not so disparate. For science doesn’t merely provide a way of expanding knowledge of the world. It doesn’t just provide answers to pressing questions; it changes the conversation itself. Science—and the broader way of thinking that comes with it—trains its adherents and practitioners to relish the very act of questioning for its own sake, of figuring out what’s true and false, of determining what works and what fails.

    And that’s only a tiny snip from this piece written many long years ago and still full of truths today. I read it again and it was well worth my time!

    Dr. President

  2. This is what justice still looks like in the South. A corrupt (white) ex-governor guilty of trading the powers of his office for loans, shopping sprees, golf trips, a Rolex, and use of a Ferrari and a country home—netting his family a range of pleasures worth $170,000, not to mention decimating public trust in government — gets a two year sentence. But a 17-year old black teenager guilty of using a gun in a robbery to steal some money, marijuana, and cell phones gets 6 life sentences.

    Unforgivable: The Governor and the Teen-Ager

    • How many republican governors are currently being investigated? Kansas Governor Brownback recently was added to the list that already included:

      Chris Christie,

      Scott Walker,

      Nathan Deal,

      Rick Scott,

      Rick Perry

      Who did I forget?

    • Did you also notice how quickly this Bob McDonnell threw his wife under the bus – in an attempt to save his own hide?

      And to think – Bob McDonnell is this morally superior Pat Robertson-like Conservative Christian Republican.

      Bob McDonnell is also the man who wrote his thesis, while attending Pat Robertson’s college, on fornication and other such evil issues.

      And….Bob McDonnell was also in that group that proudly preached down to everyone else about how sacred traditional marriage is..

      I wonder how sacred is it to throw your wife under the bus in an effort to save your own ass?

      I’m not saying his wife was not heavily involved – but Bobby fails to admit that he had a brain and he never once questioned anything that was going on during this time period?

      Bobby never thought to ask where all these gifts were coming from – and what was being expected in return?

      Oh – but you see, Bobby is simply using what these Fundy Evangelical Christian males use when they get caught doing wrong – they blame their woman.

      After all – Eve ‘made’ Adam to eat that apple in the Garden. It’s all Eve’s fault.

      • Yes, he proved in many different ways how he values NOTHING but himself!

        Isn’t he also one of the governors who wanted ALL women to undergo an invasive trans-vaginal examination before getting a legal medical procedure? Is it too much to hope he might meet someone in prison that thinks parts of his anatomy need to be ‘probed’?

      • fnord – I had forgotten about Bobby’s obsession with the trans-vaginal probe.

        Poetic justice would be if Bobby does meet up with someone in prison who thinks Bobby is the perfect person to perform a very deep probing….

        Of course, it depends on the prison. If he is sent to a federal cupcake prison – all Bobby will get is more adulation.

        And then in three years – all these sheeple who still think Bobby is the best thing since sliced bread – will still line up and shower him with millions.

        Because – after all – I suspect Bobby is in the select group that has been given a golden ticket – a Free Pass – handed out by Jesus Christ, himself.

        You betcha…. wink-wink

    • Let’s not forget – these same Conservative Republicans renamed the French fries to – freedom fries – in 2003 because the French opposed George W. Bush and Gang’s invasion of Iraq.

      Remember all the vile hatred and vitriol spewed on Foxxies Hen House Cluck Fest 24/7 about how evil the French were?

      So -now – Foxxies are the French’s BFF?

      I do question as to why Secretary of State John Kerry was not in attendance – but as for Obama attending, I am not bent all out of shape about that.

      Obama knows he is a prime target – so that has to be considered as a factor in his travels.

      Besides – why aren’t these Foxxies demonizing the Queen of England for not being at that rally?

      But – let’s talk about the reason why this rally was held in the first place. Let’s get together and figure out a way to deal with these radical Islamists – rather than doing what Foxxies do best – spewing and spreading the 24/7 Obama hatred to make an extra million or two off their targeted audience – old, white people who see the world in black and white.

  3. Really?!? Really. NASA speaks to the heart and soul of what America is supposed to be: progressive, brave, hopeful. Do ANY of those words come to mind when you think of Ted Cruz? God help the space program or scientific exploration under his scalpel (I refuse to call it ‘leadership’).

    Ted Cruz, Longtime Foe Of NASA And Science, Will Oversee NASA And Science In New Congress

  4. My husband and I have been watching the DVD set of the old ‘Bewitched’ television show.

    As I was watching this cast – Ellizabeth Montomery, Dick York, Agnes Morehead, Paul Lynde, Marion Lorne and others – I got to thinking about something.

    I strongly suspect this show would not have a snowball’s chance in Hell to make it onto our current television line-up.

    There are some very high caliber talented people in that cast I just listed above. And to think – this show did not rely on excessive violence by guns – or over sexualized – to be one of the most memorable shows in t.v. history.

    I don’t even remember if there was a big protest because the show’s main character was a ‘witch’.

    Maybe there was a protest – but I have simply forgotten about it?

    Now compare this 60’s show to the current shows we are fed non-stop today – reality shows with people who put on display such rudeness, stupidity and downright uneducated as being the role model we should all praise.

    And the movies of today – if there is not a constant drumbeat of violence by guns, bombs and more senseless violence – then the movie is considered a big flop.

    Is our obsession with excessive violence and over-sexualization of everything going to be our downfall?

    And to think – we have a mega corporate church on every corner – and yet what do we hear the most from these folks? How persecuted they are…


    BTW – As I was thinking about how our country has changed since the 1960’s – I also had this thought..

    Were’nt there all those Muslims in the same countries back in the good ol’ days? And these folks were not on the warpath to destroy the world. Why wasn’t this radical Muslim issue a big thing back then?

    Could it be due to the fact that we have gone over there and poked them with a big stick one too many times?

    And to help in that effort – I blame the guy in fnord’s picture that she posted. Good ol’ Pat has done his best to keep the hatred pot stirred 24/7.

    • BTW – let’s not forget that Ronald Reagan started this Evangelical Conservative Christian movement of power when Ronnie used these Far Right Wingers to defeat the true Christin the White House – Jimmy Carter.

      Reagan did a lot of damage to our country – IMHO. But when he gave power to these Fundies, that was the start of a lot of our troubles today.



    I’m sure this guy’s popularity within the GOP is soaring – and those millions flowing and probably many calls for this guy to become our next president.

    But what bothers me is how these folks continually throw around comparisons to Hitler to anyone who dares to not dance to their GOP-induced tunes.

    Excuse me – but the vision of Hitler is not something that I take lightly.

    But, then again, I am not so filled with hatred for one black man in the White House that I cannot see the big picture.

    I’ve said it before – those folks who can only see the world in black and white will never see the blue in the sky, yellow in the sun and the green in the grass – among so many other beautiful colors in this world.

    Don’t worry – I’m sure these CONServatives truly believe they are doing God’s work. After all, there are a lot of corporate mega church preachers and televangelists who all sit and giggle, laugh, applaud and reward the most recent Republican who has said the latest stupid remark about their perceived enemy – Obama.

    It’s all so Mean Girls stuff to me. Are we really still in the middle school years where this type of behavior is considered ‘chic’ and ‘cool’?

  6. Why didn’t George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Condi Rice, Donald Rumsfeld get a bunch of their Right Winger Republicans together to go over to join that rally in France?

    I’m sure between all these folks – the money was there to pay for the trip.

    Another question – was Rupert Murdoch or Roger Ailes in attendance at that rally?

    Just asking…..

    • What about Pat Robertson, Franklin Graham, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and a host of other Foxxies in the Hen House Cluckfest group?

      Why aren’t we asking why these folks did not go over to show their support?

      As I said yesterday – I do question why we were represented by a lower-ranking official. It was reported that Eric Holder was in Paris attending meetings about countering terrorism and Holder canceled his plans to attend the rally – which is why the lower ranking official went.

      That is the question I would rather see us talk about – not the insinuation that Obama did not attend the Paris rally because he sympathizes with these terrorist Islamists – because, as you know, Obama is a secret Muslim that weaseled his way into the White House to bring down America.

      yeah, right… big eye roll…

      • We all know full well that no matter what President Obama does or doesn’t do they will criticize. And we also know full well that what they say doesn’t reflect on President Obama as much as it tells volumes about the people doing the speaking.