Saturday, 1/10/15, Public Square

The only president in modern times to balance the budget




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  1. Thankfully a bunch of states are raising the minimum wage on their own and enjoying the benefits! With republicans in the majority in DC it doesn’t bode well for a national minimum wage hike. President Obama has achieved great success with absolutely zero help from republicans who fought him each step of the way.

  2. Violence begets violence! It’s most sad when extremists and / or violence is justified by your deity — whichever one that may be!

  3. Asher Bob White

    I’m glad to see “The Crusades” identified among violence attributed to religions. And what about Germany’s Hitler? The Christians must acknowledge their history, too. And the Jews. Today, all who hold to a faith belief need to acknowledge and practice only a religion that counsels “the spirit of love and the truth of wisdom”.

    • So true, if it was not for the peace of God I would more then likely have at least knocked someone whom has token a stance that is based on moronic and illogical thoughts to the ground.

  4. Does anyone else think republicans really don’t want the presidency? They can accomplish a lot of harm with governorships and majorities in the U.S. Congress while blaming all their evil on the president. As luck would have it, their constituents believe their lies so it all works out pretty well for them!

    • Jim Wright, Stonekettle Station says:

      “How I visualize the process behind Mitt Romney’s decision to run for President, again, in 2016:
      Let’s see, I’m fabulously wealthy.
      I’ve got a big mansion.
      I’ve got great hair.
      I’m pretty much a dick.
      I’m really, really bored.
      And… I have magic underwear!
      I don’t have the chops to be Batman
      What to do? What to do…?”