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  1. I experienced the last Bush and the memories haven’t faded. In fact, with the 114th Congress being sworn in just this week they’re already reviving the kinds of disastrous policies that took America to her knees. No way.

    Who republicans are, what they stand for, and what they do is bad, bad!!

    In only TWO days they’ve introduced bills to remove even more of the financial protections keeping Wall Street and BIG banks from taking down our economy AGAIN, they’re starting their attack on Social Security, they want to add ridiculous restrictions to women’s reproductive freedom (gotta keep those women controlled!), and changed rules so their ‘magic math’ will hide some of their misdeeds. Republicans hurt and destroy people!

    • When that article praising Koch about how the justice works in this country made me ask one question – if they are so concerned as to how every American deserves justice – then why are they not also concerned about the corporate-made pipeline from the court system to these for-profit prisons?

      Crickets on that issue – huh?

      Could it be due to the fact that Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander has been a long time cheerleader (and benefiting financially) from these for-profit prisons?

      Hmmm…… if people would only do their own investigations into things that really matter.

  2. He is convincing me he might not be all about wealth. Maybe even be about loving kindness. A breath of fresh air!

    • I am impressed with this Pope Francis. Like I said when he was first installed, I do hope this is one time I can happily say I was wrong about this guy.

      But – this is only one guy and the Catholic Church is so deep into what has always been the way – you know, look the other way and pretend like nothing is happening.

      I do find it more than interesting that a lot of people will not even bring up the fact about the sex abuse/child molestation scandal.

      This is not ancient history, folks.

      But, can you imagine if the scenario had been changed to a group of Black people, headed by Obama, who were successfully sued in the courts as covering up the crimes of child molestation?

      Foxxies in the Hen House would STILL be on the warpath – wouldn’t they?

  3. This is the lie that Grover Norquist suggested Republicans start telling — apparently they listened. A new lie but an old Republican tactic. It’s called projection. Whatever good the Democrats do, they say they did it. Whatever terrible destruction they cause, they blame the Democrats for. Good is bad, up is down, trickle-down works.

    The real truth about a Republican congress ushering in Republican legislation, as it actually happened in the real world, after 6 years of it, with Bush in the White House, from 2000 to 2006; they doubled the debt, have the lowest job creation rate on record, turned a record surplus into a record deficit in record time, lost 3 million jobs, and caused one of the most severe economic collapses in American history, second only to the Great Depression, also caused by 8 years of Republican legislation. That’s the real history of the causation effect of Republican policy on the American economy.

    The recovery we have seen has been IN SPITE of the Republicans’ best efforts to sabotage it, not because of them. They blocked the Veterans Jobs bill, the Small Business Tax Cut bill, the American Jobs Act, the Infrastructure bill, the bill to tax corporations for taking jobs overseas, and numerous other job producing bills. They were unsuccessful at blocking the stabilization of the economy so now the strategy has shifted to taking credit for something they did everything in their power to prevent.

    Mitch McConnell: It’s Funny How The Economy Improved When The GOP Took Over Congress

  4. Religion is for control. Spirituality is for God & the soul. The two below are cut from the same cloth —

    • it’s all in your perspective..

      • fnord – tried to copy and paste this picture I found to show how one’s perspective colors our view

      • Not absolutely sure this is the photo you wanted, but like you I wonder how in the world the religious-right nutjobs could believe they’re any different than religious nutjobs of every country, every religion… Religious extremists are religious extremists and I avoid the Islamic ones just like I avoid the Christian ones — they’re nutjobs and very dangerous!

        Dear god/jehovah/allah/buddha/shiva/zeus/insert_your_god_here: Please save us all from the zealots in your fan club(s).

  5. In addition to being bad bad people, republicans are stupid.

  6. Could a third party fix the hellscape of fail that is the United States Congress? Ezra Klein explains.

  7. (An exert form the story I am writing about my experience )”Though sounding outlandish then to have something as simple as taking one’s meds when and at the right time is such a insult to the whole endeavors! It certainly can give the feeling that you are not capable of any control. That there is nothing within your ability or control and you are fighting a battle that is un-winnable. There can be no wins or even breaking even with such a powerful enemy as fate or cosmic entity for which you are nothing but a play toy! So stop…. Do not give in to the outlandish and illogic explanations!

    When you stop to think of the possible outcomes and where each explanation could lead. Better to lose the fight then to stand firm and defend to the point of being in some intuition for mental illnesses.
    No I had had quite enough of that and with Nero restorative being close it would be the Kansas State mental hospital! And going from Alice’s wonderland to Dona’s inferno no I do not think so and better to just let that sleeping dog lie.

    I am home and that is where I should be, I am capable of working out most of my own mental processes to the point of being within limits of functioning. It would be OK if Jimmy Stewart and I are the only one able to see that large white rabbit named Harvey. Neither Jimmy, Harvey nor me are going to hurt anyone. Perhaps we three will have some stimulating conversations and be quite good company for the other two! BTW yes I am being humorous and no there are no large white rabbits in this room or anywhere I am seeing them! I know in a real sense being me and my sense of humor with trying to be so cute may come off as some mental illness. I am nuts but it is a good kind of nuts and just the kind that is fun to be around. Plus to not stop and laugh about it all may end up with me needing some mental health help.
    It was quite the experience to have gone through!”

    • R.D. – bless your heart.

      I suspect you’re wise beyond your years……and I wish everyone had the capability to face difficulties like you have faced and came out the other end with such a good outlook and perspective on everything;