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eating their own



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  1. I was reading the article linked below and don’t know what to believe. I would appreciate any comments. I know most people know more than I do so your insight is welcomed!

    Guess What Happened The Last Time The Price Of Oil Crashed Like This?

    • I found this about the man behind Global Research —


      I think this man is entitled to his opinions but perhaps has somewhat of a slanted viewpoint. So I’ll go looking for the other side of the story.

    • I am by far not the smartest tool in the shed when it comes to global economics – but what I get from this guy’s article is that if the energy junk bonds go belly up – then the Wall Street Banks will be hit very hard.

      Ok – so maybe we need to let some of these Wall Street Banks go belly up this time?

      As we’ve all seen from 2008 – those Wall Street Banks that were ‘too big to fail’ were bailed out by taxpayer money and now the same banks are even bigger than before.

      Maybe this is another factor in the coming economic collapse?

      Or – maybe these shale oil producers in the US need to stop and think before they continue to do more fracking…

      Or – maybe it is way past time for the USA to join other foreign countries and get serious about alternative energy sources – like wind and solar.

      Let’s just say the shale oil producers do go belly up – if we were smart (and that is a big IF) – we would have our wind and solar energy industry up and running to create even more jobs.

      And – once and for all – we could tell the Saudis and their fellow Muslims – where they can shove their barrels of cheap oil.

      But – that will also have to be accompanied with the USA being willing to NOT step foot into those Muslim countries again with our military and trying to set up our version of a democratic government for people that do not want it..

      The military industrial complex beast is also involved in this mess – and who in their right mind actually believes that the military industrial complex beast will ever be denied his excess feedings??>

      Especially if Republicans are in control.

      Let’s not forget Mitt the Twit Romney said during the 2012 presidential campaign that he wanted to spend $3 trillion (that’s a big fat – T -) on additional military spending to build those damn submarines.

      Maybe we can send George W. Bush to speak to his BFF – the Saudi King – and they can take another damn stroll through a garden while holding hands.

      Whenever any CONservative Republican whines about Obama being a secret Muslim and in cahoots with them – I always ask them if they also have just as much hatred for their boy Georgie when he held hands and strolled through that damn garden with the Saudi King.

  2. My Face book page has a lot of stuff from the Neo-cons saying that the low oil prices is an ISIS plot to undermine the United States so of course it is also the President’s fault too!

    It has been said of me and my view of things of late that it is related to my brain injury from the Heart attack. All I know is when I watch Fox or read the stuff that is posted to my face book. It so reminds me of what I would hear or see while in the recovery at Nero- Restorative! I then have to remember or remind myself I am the one said to be lacking?

  3. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/speaker-seeks-to-squash-rebellion/ar-BBhzK00


    Yet again we see Johnny Boehner being threatened by his own GOP-sponsored untamed Frankenstein from within..

    What did President Obama say to Mitt Romney during that debate – something to the effect – please, proceed…..

    Pass the popcorn…

  4. Remember when Republicans were demonizing Obama for the high gas prices?

    So – now they are demonizing Obama for the low gas prices..

    Every time I pass by a gas station and see the price being lower than the day before – I have to wonder if these same Republicans would be buck naked and dancing down the street if it was their boy in the White House and the gas prices were falling?

    I just saw a headline where Obama’s approval ratings have jumped quite high since the fall of the gas prices.

    Perhaps this is why Republicans cannot stand the mere thought that Obama will get credit for anything

    And this is also their perceived tie-in between Obama and ISIS ? The fact the lower gas prices are due to the Muslims flooding the world with cheap oil.

    Hmmm…… but I don’t remember seeing any picture of Obama holding hands and strolling through a garden with the Saudi King. Did I miss this picture?

  5. Interesting! Lots of things I didn’t know.

    The Secret History of Women in the Senate

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2015/01/senate-women-secret-history-113908.html#ixzz3O4n3eMis

  6. Another that is interesting and well worth the time spent reading!

    Henry A. Giroux | Authoritarianism, Class Warfare and the Advance of Neoliberal Austerity Policies

  7. So it begins. The republicans are after the benefits old people worked and earned and this is how it will start —

    (from the link): Buried in the new rules that the House Republican majority plans to adopt for the 114th Congress is a provision that could threaten Disability Insurance (DI) beneficiaries — a group of severely impaired and vulnerable Americans — with a sudden, one-fifth cut in their benefits by late 2016. The provision bars the House from replenishing the DI trust fund simply by shifting some payroll tax revenues from Social Security’s retirement trust fund.

    House Rule Could Hurt Vulnerable Disability Beneficiaries

    U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren says: “It’s ridiculous – but not surprising – that on the very first day of the new Congress, Republicans are manufacturing a Social Security crisis to threaten benefits for millions of disabled Americans – including 233,260 in Massachusetts alone. We can’t turn our backs on the promises we’ve made to our families, friends, and neighbors who need our help the most. House Republicans should stop playing political games to put America’s most vulnerable at risk.