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by | January 4, 2015 · 6:00 am

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  1. “This is pretty close to the opposite of the way Obama promised to change politics in 2008 — it’s harshly partisan, and it’s an expansion of executive power. It’s the kind of thing that liberals would have freaked out about if President George W. Bush had done it. But, ultimately, the Obama administration decided that if they could only pick one, they preferred delivering on their policy promises to hewing to the spirit of their political ideals” — Ezra Klein.

    There isn’t much Obama could have done about this. Party polarization is bigger than any one president. When the Senate Minority Leader says publicly, as Mitch McConnell did, that “the single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president,” then it’s a safe bet that legislative cooperation isn’t forthcoming.

    One of the more important pivots in the Obama presidency was the administration’s recognition of that fact — and its eventual abandonment of the idea that real bipartisanship was possible on divisive issues. The health-reform bill is a good example: it passed in one of the most partisan processes in memory. But it passed. Change came from accepting the reality of modern politics.

    [T]hey have managed over six years to accomplish much of what Obama promised to do, even if accomplishing it helped speed the process of partisan breakdown.

    • And coming soon we get to see whether republicans can accomplish their goals — in any way or form. I ask the same question overandover:

      What was the last republican legislative accomplishment that actually benefited most Americans? After asking many people over a period of many years, I’ve had that question answered only once and the person’s answer went back decades to find any legislative accomplishment! Will this be the time we see legislative success from republicans? How, and more importantly, WHO will it benefit?

    • In many ways I think it is bring to the forefront exactly what the Neo-Cons are like. And by and large it was not to the average Americans liking no matter what party they are.

  2. tehe, giggle. snort. let’s pop up a BIG bunch of popcorn!

    Louie Gohmert Announces Challenge To Speaker Boehner

  3. The next time you want to get pissed off about an “illegal” taking your job, know this: certain industries purposely fill their labor positions with undocumented workers. Because they don’t want to pay them a living wage, provide benefits for them or have to care about job safety or work environment. And they by and large are producing your food when you buy from grocery stores.

    “Undocumented workers, many from Mexico and other parts of Latin America, formed a perfect corporate workforce: thankful for their pay cheques, willing to endure harsh working conditions, unlikely to unionise or even complain. “They don’t ask for breaks. They don’t ask for raises,” one worker at the Hormel plant in Fremont told me. “They just work harder and harder, because they need to work.”

    ‘I felt like a piece of trash’ – Life inside America’s food processing plants

  4. For anyone who thinks all Muslims support terrorism.

    • I will never forget what a co-worker at that pharmacy told me about the Muslim doctor that saved my life when I was battling cancer.

      This pharmacist – a ‘good’ Catholic now that he got his annulment from his first wife of 20+ years and he is now married to his trophy wife – actually said to me:

      “That Muslim doctor may have saved your life but never give him a gun and turn your back on him – he will kill you without blinking an eye”


      I pity people like that ….

      BTW – when we hear all the fear mongering from these Far Right Wingers about radical Islamists and their training manual to raise kids to become killers of all Christians..

      Just think about all those Jesus Camps that Fundy Christians have been sending their kids to learn how to be good soldiers for God…

      What’s the difference – besides the name of the God they are supposed to fight and kill for?