Friday, 1/2/15, Public Square

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  1. One of America’s legendary champions of the middle and working class. Rest in peace, Governor Mario Cuomo.

  2. But Cuomo’s speech and idealogy is lacing in certain ‘right’ people making obscene profits off the lower classes..

    This is why Republicans will NEVER give a rat’s ass about anybody else – not even if it came down to them or one of their fellow 1%. Greedy people are selfish, mean and downright vicious.

    I’ve often said these Conservative Republicans will gladly step over their dead mother’s body to pick up that penny.

  3. I think the statement by Senator Bernie Sanders in today’s header describes most republicans, and I also accept there are definite factions within the party. I disagree with each and every one of them.

    (from the link): Today’s GOP is basically two groups — the “Steadfast Conservatives” aka “Tea Party” and “Business Conservatives” aka Wall Streeters. Looking at these four particular charts we can see how the ideology of the GOP does differ (and sometimes greatly) within the groups of the party.

    …but one thing they can all agree on (94% – 96%) is their neverending hatred of President Barack Obama. So we can expect the GOP to keep trying to sell the public their false and misleading narrative on how awful the President and Democrats are, because that’s all they’ve got folks. No progressive policies, no progressive solutions and no progressive answers…just often-bigoted, short-sighted ideologies that are tearing their party apart and obstructing any real solutions for working families across the country.

    Four Simple Charts Explain the GOP Divide

    • Why would people who only care about themselves and their own bank accounts worry about the good of all Americans?

      People mistakenly believe these Republicans can be shamed into doing the right thing.

      Sorry to break that bubble, folks, but some Republicans are actually proud to be as stupid as they are today.

      These are folks who do not care if they throw the baby out with the bath water. They can always find another baby somewhere – or buy one.

      • Besides – these folks also believe that once their wealthy white male gets into the White House – then everybody will have to treat that guy with the utmost respect.

        I’ve talked about this many times before – these Republicans have lowered the bar of common decency and standards of acceptable behavior so far down to their level in the Hatred Sewer – that the mindset of ‘anything goes’ has become the ‘norm’ now for our political theatre and even in our society.

        Mark my words – when the white male Republican president is called a ‘honkie’ or ‘cracker’ – watch these same Republicans who have called Obama a N______ and depicted him as a witch doctor eating watermelon and fried chicken on the White House lawn – be the first ones to rand and scream about ‘racism’.

      • “…these folks also believe that once their wealthy white male gets into the White House – then everybody will have to treat that guy with the utmost respect.”

        A little like how the police talk about respecting authority and then their actions (at least a bunch in NYC) defy their words?

    • Oh, but I’ve actually read many comments defending this Republican Congressman.

      It usually goes like this – if Obama is friends with Al Sharpton, then why can’t Scalise talk to this white group.

      I saw one comment in response that absolutely put everything into perspective…

      This person stated something to the effect that ‘Al Sharpton does not advocate for the white people to ever own black people again’

      THAT is the difference – the KKK is nothing more than the sore losers from the Civil War…..which they were once Democrats, but when Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act in 1964, those Southern Democrats turned into Red State Republicans.

      And then Tricky Dicky Nixon used that Southern Strategy to set up what we have had to deal with ever since – the downward spiral of a political party that is filled with uneducated and Proud to be Stupid white folks.

      Geesh…… it any wonder that Honey Boo Boo was a hit show?

  4. I just saw where Donna Douglas died yesterday. She played Elly May Clampett in ‘The Beverly Hillbillies’ t.v. show.

    My husband and I buy the DVD sets of these old t.v. shows from our childhood – and their show was one of them.

    I still laugh at these shows I’ve seen more than a thousand times…

    The Clampetts were portrayed as uneducated southern folks. But they were never mean-spirited or denigrating someone else just to make themselves feel morally superior.

    I think that is what is missing from today’s Deep Southern Republicans – they lack empathy, compassion or even giving a rat’s ass about someone else.