Thursday, 1/1/15, Public Square

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by | January 1, 2015 · 6:00 am

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  1. I remembered to type 2015 instead of … I’m batting a thousand to start this new year! đŸ™‚

    We never know what we’ll face in the coming year. I wish everyone the strength it takes for the challenges, loads of love and happiness! Never forget to pause to notice the good. The not so good seems to slap us in the face and demand our attention so stock up on each second of good that comes along!

  2. Hope everyone had a fun and safe New Year’s Eve. We don’t do anything special – but we are going to make a big batch of chili with all the fixin’s and watch the Winter Classic hockey game.

    I do hope there will be some sun today – to start a warming trend…LOL

  3. When I think back on politics in 2014, especially on the mid-term elections, I think this tells the story best —

  4. I was thinking about the year 2014 and came to some conclusions.

    It was not the best year – but it was not the worst year either.

    Then it hit me – this is just how life goes. We take the good with the bad. Because, after all, what choice do we have?

    I have made the decision to try not to be so cynical this year. But, damn, it’s going to be hard.

    The political theatre is already spewing out the usual crappola – and then I am truly worried about what these Republicans will try to do when they get control of both House and Senate. I still think these folks just want their much-desired Holy War.

    I can only hope and pray that President Obama will stand his ground.

    Unlike most a lot of these Republicans, I do pray for President Obama because he has the toughest job of all – and he will never be able to please everyone.

    But – I also don’t believe Obama is a secret Muslim out to destroy us by making those gas prices drop to their current levels. Yesterday, I saw a gas station had it for $1.79.

    That damn black man in the White House – what does he think he is doing? Trying to break us with those cheap gas prices.

    Why, just a few years ago, these same Republicans were demonizing Obama for the high gas prices – weren’t they?

    I wonder – if their ‘boy’ George W. Bush had been in office and gas prices had plummeted like they currently have – these same Republicans would be dancing naked down the street singing GWB’s praises.

    Oh, oh… I go again. I am being cynical about those Republicans – I do have a lot of work cut out for me in the coming year to fix my cynicism – LOL

  5. Last year we went to my wife’s sister and brother-in-laws, They are mature adults so that means there were something like five different alcohols to drink. W E L L , U got so drunk and sworn that I would never drink again! I am an alcoholic and love whiskey when I just can not resist or stop once I start. This year it was waiting up with grandkids to welcome the new year and then sleeping in till elven which actually was better then being drunk and stupid!!!