Tuesday, 12/30/14. Public Square



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  1. Ain’t it the truth….

    I’ve seen several blogs where people are just down and nasty about this issue.

    The mayor has been called everything but a N___ lover. And if I remember correctly, this man’s wife is black. I have to wonder if this is a part of the motivation behind these haters piling on the hate?

    Think about this this – Obama’s mother was a white woman married to a black man. A lot of times I think these White Conservative Republicans are more mad because Obama is a mixed race – and the black side is more dominant in appearance.

    I was born the 50’s and I can still remember all the talk about ‘mixed marriages’ being so evil and against God’s law.

    Which God would that be – the same God that the Bible tells us made every human being as a precious gift?

    • Some Bibles must say every human being except … and the list seems to be as long as the hater reading it wants it to be.

      I don’t understand those who support police brutality any more than I understand those who shoot police officers. But I do see that police officers don’t have consequences to pay for their brutality.

      • I’ve mentioned this before – in that Fundy Baptist college, there were people actually trying to prove to me the Bible is talking about black people when it talks about the ‘beasts in the field’.

        I kid you not…

  2. What bothers me the most about this heated debate over the protesters is – once again, we are being subjected to people lowering the bar of accepted behavior.

    Since the first day of Obama’s presidency, we’ve had to listen to whiny, spoiled brats screaming and calling Obama all kinds of downright racial slurs – and we are supposed to be okay with that?

    Foxxies Hen House Cluck Fest devotees are the worst ones – IMHO.

    These folks have been downright vicious and they call it Freedom of speech.

    Okay – but when does that freedom of speech become the accepted ‘norm’ and standard for all future behavior?

    I’ve said this before – do these white Republicans really believe that when they get their next white guy into the White House (and that is bound to happen if you study history) that since the bar has been lowered of accepted behavior – then their ‘boy’ is going to get the very same treatment – or worse.

    Every time the bar has been lowered – we get worse results.

    I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s. We would have never left the house to go see the doctor until we changed into our Sunday best clothes.

    the next time you walk through any retail store (especially Walmart) – just look at how people are dressed. I’ve seen people in their pajama pants and furry slippers.

    And we call this acceptable behavior?

    I’m not trying to say we all need to wear nice clothes. I am just throwing out the question – have we become so lax in our level of acceptance that ‘anything goes’ now?

    And don’t even get me started on how rude people are….

    • BTW – Rush Limbaugh made his name infamous when he picked on a young teen girl named Chelsea Clinton.

      Remember when this brave ‘patriot’ (?) actually compared Chelsea to the White House dog?

      Do you also remember how many people in the audience were applauding and laughing.

      That is the issue I am trying to bring up – that total lack of acceptable behavior has only gotten worse since Bill Clinton’s days in office.

  3. What is rather ironic is how these Conservative Republicans are rallying around the NYPD union-led protests against the mayor.

    WOW – I wonder if these CONS know they are rubbing elbows with union people?

    • Facts don’t matter much. And if facts get in their way or they don’t like them, republicans just make up some new ones they like better.

      • You’re right .. what was I thinking?

        It must be nice to have that kind of conscience to simply change the facts to justify your own personal agenda.

        But, then again, a lot of churchy people are very capable of looking the other way and pretending everything is hunky dory.

        1) Annulment of long term marriages which produced kids.

        2) And this thing called – born again virgin. I’m sorry folks, but this one just truly escapes my logic.

        I’ve always been a realist – and if something happened, then just deal with it, learn from it and move on.

        What is so frickin hard about that???

  4. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/house-majority-whip-i-regret-speaking-to-supremacist-group/ar-BBhm7dL?ocid=DELLDHP


    Just yesterday – this guy was saying that he did not even know who this group was (even though David Duke was the head of the group).

    Now – anyone in Louisiana with one working brain cell should know who David Duke is – I mean, seriously folks….

    But now this guy suddenly is sorry and he regrets speaking to this David Duke group.

    What a schmuck… but never fear, his white Conservative Republicans will love him even more. In fact, I would not be surprised if he does not fundraise on the premise that the evil black Obama got his thugs together to ‘persecute’ him into looking bad…

    I can just hear the lead story on Foxxies Hen House Cluckfest now…

    • http://www.mediaite.com/online/david-duke-to-politicians-if-you-throw-scalise-under-the-bus-ill-tell-everyone-that-weve-met/


      Speaking of David Duke – he is now saying that if Scalise is thrown under the bus – he is willing to spill the beans on both Democrats and Republicans.

      NOW this is funny……. I wonder if the national party leaders are going to try to sweep this one under the rug?

      I don’t know – Sen. David Vitter got caught red-handed being associated with that madam in the high-end escort service – and he still got re-elected to his senate seat.

      But – this time it is about the KKK white supremacists – which not only hate the black, but they hate the Jews and Catholics are not seen as anything of value.

      The KKK has such a bad stench that I have to wonder – who exactly is going to fall on their sword and do the honorable thing?