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  1. One of biggest bitchers and moaners about having to pay taxes are these tax-free mega churches – sitting on prime real estate and not paying one dime in taxes.

    Have you ever had the misfortune of being in traffic when one of these mega churches is getting out?

    There are city police directing traffic. I’ve been told that these are off-duty police. Okay – that is fine – but then why do they continue to wear their City of Wichita police uniform?

    If these folks are working off-duty – then DO NOT wear their city-issued uniform.

    • Off duty officers, regardless of where they are working (Warren Theatre security comes to mind) always are in uniform.

      • I am not saying they should not wear uniforms – but why the city-issued uniforms?

        That is my issue…

      • Besides – why even have these police officers directing traffic? There are traffic laws in place – just use them. If those folks in those places don’t want to follow the traffic rules – then don’t go into those places.

        It’s really that simple..

      • Because, indy, even when “off duty”, the officers are clothed with the lawful authority to enforce all laws, including traffic laws. You obviously don’t like it, but that’s how it is. Take it up with the Legislature to get it changed.

  2. What they wear doesn’t matter to me. What matters to me is their attitude toward people and those who decide to be aggressive FIRST and later find out whether or not any aggression is required should never ever be in law enforcement! I’d like to pay quality law enforcement well enough they didn’t need to moonlight directing traffic at big mega churches or any other job. Maybe if we paid quality law enforcement enough we would actually be assured of people who serve to protect and maintain peace!

    • I remember clearly there is a current lawsuit involving a man suing a police department due to not being hired because his IQ was too high.

      Law enforcement officers when I was growing up were capable of doing their job without violence. Today you definitely take your chances and there is no guarantee that you won’t be hurt more by a law enforcement officer than you would be by a criminal. In fact, when the difference between one violent person and another is a uniform that makes it even worse to me. I still remember a time from the past when law enforcement were people you wanted around if there was any need of help.

      • I’ve said this before – up in my neck of the woods – the local police are majority obese. I don’t know how they ever got on the police force in the first place.

        maybe this is why it takes 2 or 3 police cars to pull over one car for speeding?

    • What bothers me about these off-duty police wearing the city-issued uniforms is the fact that these police officers are not working for the city – they are working for these churches.

      The #1 reason I don’t like to see city-issued uniforms worn is because –

      1) I don’t like the appearance of my tax dollars being used for a tax-free – money-making entity, like these mega churches

      2) Let’s have transparency – if these police officers are working for and paid by these churches – then let’s make that point clear to everyone.

      And then last, but not least. Who is legally liable if anything happens when these off-duty police officers are working for these mega churches?

      Is the City on the hook for any expenses – or will these tax-free, money-making churches step in and do the right thing by taking responsibility?

  3. I’ve never complained about paying taxes. It’s fortunate to do well enough to owe taxes and it’s a responsibility of citizenship in a nation where we do get a lot for our money. What I do complain about is when my taxes go to benefit or bail out the wealthy corporations (WHO ARE NOT PEOPLE) instead of helping people who need it. These same wealthy corporations always want more and now that we have a majority republican congress at the federal level the corporations are demanding from their willing servants (the ones they bought and paid for) to privatize social security and medicare so they can get a bigger piece of the pie we less than wealthy pay for. Greed is ugly and very evil.

    • It’s not the amount of taxes that bothers me – it is how these tax monies are spent.

      I agree 100% with you fnord.

      These corporations and other well-connected folks are the ones in front of the welfare government line with both greedy hands out.

  4. The Gap Between the Rich and the Rest of Us Is The Widest It’s Been In 30 Years. Here’s One Reason Why.
    Lots of Americans don’t have bank accounts.

    • Let’s keep in mind our tax laws benefit those who aren’t paid wages but draw income from investments. We call the money rich people draw as income “capital gains,” and since it’s not considered income it’s taxed differently. Many will argue that capital gains were already taxed, but always keep in mind the money gained on investments has never been taxed. Taxing those gains is not going to kill investments or the economy, neither does raising the minimum wage. Those are myths. People don’t turn down making more money just because the government might take some of it. The same people who spread the myth of double taxation on capital gains will push for sales taxes and never admit the money used to buy something was already taxed.

      • It’s dividends, not capital gains, which are subject to the “doble taxation” argument. Different critters, different rules.

      • Those who use this argument of “already taxed” often don’t have a clue, but they’ll argue none the less. When it comes down to it money earned off money, by any name, has not been taxed, and our tax system has many favors for those with the most.

  5. (from the link): In 2014, Pew Research Center published more than 150 reports (not to mention, some 600 blog posts) covering a wide range of topics — including demographic change, media habits, technology adoption, religious affiliation, and public opinion in the U.S. and worldwide. Here are 14 facts we found particularly striking, as they illustrate some major shifts in our politics, society, habits or families.

    14 striking findings from 2014

    • when talking about major shifts in our society and families – there only 2 issues I hear coming out of these mega churches I mentioned above

      1) gay rights and gay marriage

      2) abortion

      Not once have I heard these mega Evangelical Christian churches talk about inequality of income, inequality of access to health care, inequality of access to education

      Excuse me, but when did Jesus ever screech about gay rights and marriage and/or abortion?

      I’ve often asked my Fundy Evangelical mega church family and friends – just show me one verse in the Bible where Jesus, himself, said anything about abortion or homosexuality.

      I get this blank stare from these folks and then I get the usual spew of ‘you don’t understand because you don’t go to church and/or I’m not a Catholic.

      So – in other words – this is just a talking point that comes from the religious rules from their particular churches?

  6. Asher Bob White

    General Revenue is necessary for a moral progressive government to work in behalf of the common good and the public interest. And the moral way for that revenue to be generated is through the fairest progressive tax where those most able may the most and those least able pay the least; and everybody pays their fair share, no exceptions. Additionally, it is not the government’s roll to provide any private business with incentives. Just keep it that simple.

    • I agree Bob..

      My friend works in a large local bank and she tells me that the bigger the loan – and the more well-connected people – are the ones that pay the least amount of interest – and sometimes even NO interest – on their huge loans.

      And even with credit scores in the 500 range – these folks STILL get huge loans for $40,000 cars and trucks for their personal use.

      This is where the problem lies – everything is geared towards helping the people on the top rung in our society. Even when they have proven themselves to be liars, cheats and leeches..

      • Think about this scenario – one business owner had never paid a payment in the past year on her multiple loans.

        When the bank finally contacted this person – the bank decided to loan this person even more millions – to help them out.

        On what planet does this even make sense?