Sunday, 12/21/14, Public Square

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  1. Asher Bob White

    What brought all those “Christians” to a point of supporting a leader like Hitler? Was it the “church?” What was being “preached” in those congregations? Was it “conservatism”, again?

    • I suspect it was similar to what we hear from the current-day Conservative Christians – that guy ‘over there’ does not worship the one true God – the God that I believe in…and he/she also does not look like me, talk like me or of the same status in life…

      We’ve all heard it……

    • Simply, it was Hitler’s blaming the Jews for Germany’s post-WWI financial problems combined with the anti-Semitism found in the German Lutheran church (“the Jews killed Jesus” refrain). It’s really that simple.

      • But Hitler did not just target Jews for his hatred. Homosexuals and people with mental and physical disabilities were also targeted.

        I read one website that said Hitler hated the Catholics – but yet a lot of prominent Catholic leaders were in Hitler’s elite group.

        Maybe it just boiled down to one major factor – people tend to be like sheep – they just follow the pack and not want to be the one that ‘rocks the boat’ for fear they will be tossed overboard.

      • True, but not at first. He limited his targets, at least in public, to the Jews (and, the Gypsies a bit) to take advantage of the existing negative feelings. As to the Roman Catholics in Hitler’s elite group, I’d not heard that before.

      • A couple more notes. Adolph Hitler was, in fact, raised in the Roman Catholic church, as were several other prominent Nazis (Himmler comes to mind). He went through confirmation in the Church. However, outside his “inner circle”, there were few, if any, Roman Catholics among the Nazi elite. As WWII wore on, there were Catholics sent to the “labor camps”, in addition to the Gypsies, most of whom were Roman Catholics.

        I think I might have found the web site you mentioned; virulently anti-Catholic and containing half-truths, to put the best light on it.

        Hoping you have/had a Merry Christmas.