Saturday, 12/20/14, Public Square



by | December 20, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. Maybe that’s because republicans’ military contractor buddies won’t get rich from freeing Cuba.

    • Let’s not overlook something – the Republicans are being led by these Fundy Evangelical Christians – and they HATE the Communists in Cuba.

      You know – that is the land where Bill Clinton did not make that little boy stay in America with his distant relatives rather than to go back to Cuba to live with his father.

      Remember that story?

      Elian was the little boy’s name – or something like that?

      And this little boy’s mother drowned while she was riding in some boat that was illegally coming into Florida …remember?

      So, why are these Republicans so all so happy and eager to let those illegal immigrants into America – but those children that were crossing the Mexican border were taunted and demonized a few short months ago?

  2. This is a good op-ed. In a few words the author tells us the good our president is accomplishing in spite of the republicans who stand in the way of progress!

    Obama Unbound