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  1. But – China is a haven for cheap labor (or used to be) and as long as the certain ‘right’ people make obscene profits – then Communist China is okay…

    I still believe a major reason our country is in such trouble is because we have sat back and watched as numerous US companies have sold to the highest bidder and these people do NOT care..

    I sometimes wonder if this is not Lady Karma at play..

    We’ve all heard the story about the White Men giving the Indians a few beads for the land which later became Manhattan.

    Maybe the Chinese have done the same thing to America?

    They dangled shiny new dollar bills in front of these US companies which, in turn, China now owns a lot of what America used to be known for…

    I do so wish these Fundy Christians would read their Bible – especially the story of how Saul sold his birthright.

    America used to be great – in all areas – but we have sunk to very low standings on so many different measurements around the world – except one. America still far outspends any other nation in the world on military spending.

    Hell – even China is #2 on that list and they are way, way down from our level.

    And yet we still hear Republicans screaming and yelling for even more military spending..

    Lady Karma may be giving the white men who screwed the native Indians a taste of their own bad medicine?

  2. President Obama choosing to become more progressive about our relationship with Cuba put a spotlight on the fact that the republican party is anti-minority. When you really listen to what republicans say on subjects like immigration reform what you hear is very telling. All they want is the Latino vote. But they sure don’t want anyone to feel equal to the “white people.” They sure don’t want to actually do something to benefit Latino people, and definitely nothing that agrees with President Obama.

    President Obama can’t lift these outdated embargoes without Congress. So now a soon to be republican-controlled House and Senate will have to either get behind the president and move into the 21st century when it comes to Cuba – or oppose this move and display their entire party as outdated and anti-Latino.

    I do believe the republicans will face many new challenges as the majority party. This do nothing but oppose and obstruct doesn’t work nearly as well as actually governing when your party is in the majority. We’ll get to see whether the republicans have even a clue.

    • The last Republican that had a clue (and morals) was Dwight Eisenhower.

      Eisenhower was also the last Republican president to actually balance the budget.

      Until the day the current Republicans tear down their Golden Statue of St. Ronnie and start to fix some of these things the Old Fart started – nothing will change – but will get worse.

  3. Here’s a great list of accomplishments! 🙂

    (from the link): All of these things are worthwhile in their own right, of course, but there’s a political angle to all of them as well: they seriously mess with Republican heads. GOP leaders had plans for January, but now they may or may not be able to do much about them. Instead, they’re going to have to deal with enraged tea partiers insisting that they spend time trying to repeal Obama’s actions. They can’t, of course, but they have to show that they’re trying. So there’s a good chance that they’ll spend their first few months in semi-chaos, responding to Obama’s provocations instead of working on their own agenda.

    Obama’s Had a Helluva Good Month Since the Midterms

  4. The republican complaints about normalizing relations with Cuba because of human rights violations while defending the Bush administration’s use of torture proves they really know how to show their ugly butts and throw childish temper tantrums!

    • But…but….God endorsed the torture ordered by Bush and Gang.

      You know – Jesus was passing out those Golden Free Pass Tickets to all his ‘favorite’ boys and girls.

  5. Kansas High School student producing a documentary on the self inflicted Kansas budget crisis. Watch the trailer!

  6. Why do republicans continue to not understand rape? Missouri state representative Bill Brattin picks up where Todd Akin left off in 2012. But don’t forget that before Todd Akin stepped in it by trying to describe his thoughts on “legitimate rape” the term was used in legislation introduced by PAUL RYAN. It isn’t just a flawed message, or mis-speaking, IT IS PART OF THE REPUBLICAN PLATFORM!

    Republicans Can’t Stop Talking About Legitimate Rape

    • Why are so many white Republican males obsessed with abortion?

      Put that aside – have you noticed that not one of these so-called Christians are that concerned when incest is the reason for abortion?

      I wonder – what are the statistics for that? How many grown men repeatedly rape their young daughters and then take them to the abortion clinic?

      As we’ve already seen from the Catholic Church – child molesters were tolerated – even allowed to get more victims because the CHURCH leaders helped move them around to a new parish each time the ugly truth raised its head.

      But…..maybe that was okay because the victims were mostly boys – and boys don’t get pregnant?

    • BTW – I suspect these Conservative Christian Republicans are not so worried about rape because – after all – it was Eve’s fault for tempting Adam to eat the damn apple.

      Which begs the question – didn’t Adam have a brain with which to think for himself?

      Or …. at least a backbone to say – NO..

      But, if Adam had done that, then men would not be able to blame women for all the evil in the world – could they?

  7. One thing is missing from the above cartoon – the American Flag marked as “Made in China”

    Come on, think about this – our own American Flag is now mass produced in China and we all flock to buy them?

  8. McCain vs McCain vs McCain… It’s always difficult to predict WHICH McCain will show up today!

    n May 2008, the Arizona Republican was his party’s presidential nominee, and he traveled to Miami to endorse the same U.S. policy towards Cuba that’s been in place since 1960. The Wall Street Journal ran this report at the time, noting the degree to which McCain had “evolved” on the issue.
    Sen. McCain’s stance on Cuba appears to have evolved since the 2000 presidential primaries, when he faced Mr. Bush, then the Texas governor. At the time, Mr. Bush played to the Cuban-American exile community and Mr. McCain acted the moderate, recalling his role in normalizing relations between the U.S. and Vietnam and saying the U.S. could lay out a similar road map with the regime.
    What’s more, as long-time readers may recall, the Miami Herald reported in 1999 that McCain was the only Republican presidential candidate that cycle who believed “there could be room for negotiation on the U.S. trade embargo against Cuba.”

    A year later, McCain told CNN, “I’m not in favor of sticking my finger in the eye of Fidel Castro. In fact, I would favor a road map towards normalization of relations such as we presented to the Vietnamese and led to a normalization of relations between our two countries.”

    Going back further, to 1994, McCain opposed cutting off remittances because it punished people “whose misfortune it is to live in tyranny.”

    Of course, the McCain who showed up after President Obama moved to normalize relations with Cuba is adamantly opposed! [eye roll]

  9. Is the band getting back together???

    The First Person Jeb Bush Followed on Twitter Was Karl Rove

  10. Indy, you and I both might have to get behind this Pope. It seems he really is the real deal when it comes to love, understanding, peace…

    The Vatican gave its backing Tuesday to activist nuns in the United States, in a apparent retreat from antipathy from some in the Church towards what they claimed to be anti-doctrine leanings.

    Vatican extends olive branch to US nuns in conciliatory report