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  1. A short easy to understand overview, complete with graphs and charts, gives you an idea of what effect low oil prices have on various countries around the globe.

    Why oil prices keep falling — and throwing the world into turmoil

  2. The above cartoon depicts one major reason Russia lost the Cold War.

    And when Reagan took the credit for having the Berlin Wall torn down – I beg to differ.

    Russia’s economy was in shambles and that was the cause of the downfall of Russia.

    Had nothing to with St. Ronnie – but, of course, he was right there to take the full credit for something he did not do.

    BTW – when Russia’s economy was in shambles, they lost their super power – didn’t they?

    Hmmmmm……America’s economy was about destroyed in 2008 – and still have supporters of those folks who caused that economic collapse?

    This is what Proud to be Stupid looks like… IMHO

    • Yes “Those that forget the past are doomed to repeat it!”, that is the reason that we have written history. The same is that history and remembering are too often overlooked. LOL imagine the second Limbic in line watching the first one falling to his death and still proclaiming ” I just know I can fly!”.

  3. Another example of what Proud to be Stupid looks like —

    • I do not see the vast majority of them standing a snow ball chance in Hell of ever winning a general. Not truly being sexist but it is like the ugliest of all the contestants in beauty pageant to keep entering thinking that eventually one of them will be the prettiest and will have to be the winner! Of all of them my less offences would be Paul. But he would stand a snowball chances against the Koch brothers chosen. And to be honest there are a lot of Democrats I would vote for before him.

      • The ONLY thing I agree with Rand Paul is on his stance on using US military.

        I do believe Rand Paul would get a lot of US bases off the current map..

        which is another reason Paul does not have a snowball’s chance in Hell in winning any GOP primary.

        Republicans love to keep over feeding that Military Industrial Complex Beast

  4. Evolution is the single most proven and most understood scientific theory. All modern medicine among a slew of other modern knowledge is based off of it.

    To deny the reality of evolution, is to deny reality itself.

    If you have a competing theory that disproves evolution, present your findings for peer review, and if it passes, collect your Nobel prize and rewrite several fields of modern science.

  5. With a hat tip to Ted Cruz and his antics —

    (from the link):
    If there’s one thing from 2014 that will define President Barack Obama’s legacy after he’s left the White House, it’s the number of lifetime judges he put on the federal bench.

    In its final act of the year, the Senate blew through a dozen U.S. district court nominees on Tuesday night. That puts Obama at a whopping 89 district court and circuit court confirmations for the year, and means he’ll wrap up his sixth year in office with a grand total of 305 district court and circuit court confirmations — a tally that puts him well beyond where his predecessors were by this point in their presidencies.

    The Senate Just Cemented Obama’s Judicial Legacy

    • “It may be that, in the end, [President Obama’s] biggest effect on the judiciary isn’t sheer numbers as much as the diversity of his judges. Forty-two percent of Obama’s confirmed judges are women, 19 percent are black and 11 percent are Hispanic. Eleven of his confirmed judges are openly gay or lesbian, according to data provided by the White House.”

  6. I can think of few times Senator Coburn has been so wrong, so devastatingly wrong —

  7. This is a post Jim Wright of Stonekettle Station made to his Facebook page. It’s good and makes a bunch of sense!

    That’s the big news today. Cuba. The US and Cuba are going to resume diplomatic relations.
    No, really, it IS terrific, sure. Huzzah and so on and so forth. You may now toss your caps in the air.
    It’s about 50 years overdue, but better late than never, I guess.
    If there is ANY better example of petulant nose-cutting enshrined as foreign policy than America’s relationship with Cuba, I couldn’t name it. For more than 60 years one Castro or another has dropped his pants and mooned each American President in turn. We’ve tried everything, invasion, embargo, isolation, threats, saber rattling, strongly worded entreaties, the occasional exchange of gunfire, assassination, proxy wars, everything that is but actually TALKING to each other. Six decades of the same idiotic policy and guess what? They’re STILL communists. Fidel Castro went out on his own terms, his brother is running the country. Sixty years of this bullshit and we’re in exactly the same place we were when Kennedy was in the Oval Office.
    Meanwhile, we built a space station with former communist Russia, we made friends with communist Vietnam, and the communists in China are our biggest business partners – at this point our entire economy would collapse without these and similar relationships. The Soviets bankrupted their country and watched their empire collapse into ruin, and before the dust had settled the Russians embraced capitalism with a vengeance. They went right from stagnant decaying communism to booming decadent oligarchy in two decades. In another generation the old guard pajama-wearing Maoists of China will be long gone. The new Chinese, they want BMWs and Internet porn and all the capitalism they can get. In another couple of decades you’ll be hard pressed to distinguish them from America. Hell, right now, they’re busy outsourcing all those jobs they got from us to Bangladesh and Vietnam and it doesn’t get any more American than that.
    It wasn’t tanks and missiles and nuclear bombs that defeated communism, it was envy and money and human nature. You don’t spread capitalism and democracy at the point of a sword, you just show up and BUY the place. Once the proletarians saw what the outside world really looked like, they wanted it and nothing was going to keep them from getting it.
    The only thing isolation does is allow absolutism to keep clunking along in sullen grey misery.
    Nothing, and I mean nothing, will topple the last remnants of Cuban communism quicker than trade and tourism with their neighbors in Miami. We should have done this decades ago.
    Now, let’s talk about North Korea. And Iran.
    Footnote: Of course, the real story isn’t how both countries, and indeed the entire world, will benefit from renewed relations between Cuba and the US, but rather how this change is terrifying plot by the commies to ebolanate white people and bring about the end of days or some such squealing nuttery. They’re called conservatives for a reason, they haven’t changed in 60 years and they’re unlikely to do so now.

    • Jim Wright added this and I felt it was a good addition to the well-thought-out post —

      ” the Human Rights violation argument cracks me up. Compared to who? China? We trade with them. Pakistan? They’re our allies in the Global War On Terrorism. India? One of our biggest trading partners. Us? We torture people.

      What makes Cuba special?”

  8. Surprise! (NOT!)

    Jeb Bush Wants a Tougher Cuban Embargo
    The former Florida governor and Republican 2016 wannabe attacks Obama for normalizing relations with Cuba.

  9. (from the link): Recent claims made by the Governor that Kansas is seeing more people moving into the state simply don’t add up.

    KCEG’s latest blog post shows Kansas has had net out migration to states in our region and to the US overall. Claims that the tax cuts are bringing more people to Kansas aren’t supported by any evidence. People move to another state to take advantage of things like good schools, safe communities, affordable housing – among other reasons.

    It’s clear that the tax cuts have failed on yet another level – and are no yellow brick road bringing folks to Kansas.

    Link to the blog: