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  1. It is only torture if it someone you do not like! Or owes you money, has something you are wanting or is someone that does not look like you or thinks the same way.

    • Or people who has the audacity to be living on land where God put some very deep oil reserves.

      Let’s face it – isn’t that a big factor as to why GWB and Gang invaded Iraq?

      I still remember George W. Bush telling all Americans that the Iraqi oil will pay for that damn war.

      Yeah, sure….big eye roll

      And then GWB supporters demonize Obama for being a liar?

    • I’m still trying to figure out how a “terrorist” is identified.

      If another nation came into America and brought their weapons of war onto my street I would protect my family. They don’t know me any more than I know them and neither of us knows the intent of the other. Would that make me a terrorist? Would I be locked away without being charged? Would I be tortured to get information out of me? If I’m not answering questions the way my torturers want me to answer couldn’t it be that I simply don’t have any information?

  2. Media does keep “things” stirred up, don’t they? This, of course, includes social media like this blog, Facebook… all the places people feed off one another’s attitudes and opinions. It’s a smorgasbord with plenty of things to make us angry and plenty to inspire us. Our choice.

    • When a discussion devolves into nothing more than a ‘pissing contest’ to see who can say the most outrageous comments – that is when I have learned to follow Nancy Reagan’s words of long ago…

      Just Say NO..

    • I agree, I can read something that get me upset until I stop to think about it then I will generally look in to it. Some is simply someone POV and it their genuine thoughts right or wrong, I do not always fault them for it at least they are thinking something. Such with reason and information can be changed, unless it is so plain that they are just that stupid.

      • Or obsessed with an idea and incapable of reason. If anyone gets to the point they shut out new information or the other side of a story and are unable to re-examine their own conclusions based on that new info, they are obsessed with what they want to be the truth.

      • Obsession such as hatred of one black man in the White House so much that nothing else matters?

        Don’t you find it rather ironic these House Republicans have become human pretzels with patting themselves on their own back for passing a $1.1 Trillion (that is a T) budget bill.

        Just imagine if these same Republicans had lost seats in the recent midterm elections – how do you think this same scene would have played out?

        I suspect that we would be hearing these same Pretzel-bending Republicans would be demonizing Obama and those godless liberal Democrats for daring to pass a $1.1 Trillion budget.

        I read in one news story how Boehner and other Republicans were bragging that ‘they are doing the work of the People and moving Congress towards working together to make progress’.

        Oh – put a sock in it Boehner…


        Never fear……. Boehner has his own set of problems to his Far Right.

        I am not a big fan (or even a little fan) of Sean Hannity.

        BUT – if he gets after Boehner and gives him a hard time – then GO Sean….GO get ’em.

  3. On Meet The Press, former vice president Dick Cheney claimed that he did not need a presidential pardon because he did not commit a crime, but he also threw George W. Bush under the bus by providing evidence that the former president committed war crimes.

    Cheney repeatedly tried to hide behind 9/11. He went as far as defining torture as 9/11.

    Later, Cheney said that Bush was not misled. He claimed that the president authorized torture.

    Cheney said,

    He was briefed. I was heavily involved as was the National Security Director, Condi. The president writes about it in his own book….What happened was he and I met every single morning with the director of the CIA, with the National Security Advisor six days a week and reviewed everything basically in the intelligence arena. That is where we got most of our information. That and the PDB (President’s Daily Briefing). There would be special meeting on various subjects from time to time that he would be directly involved in. This man knew what we were doing. He authorized it. He approved it. The statement by the Senate Democrats for partisan purposes that the president didn’t know what was going on was just a flat out lie.

  4. This budget deal is full of really terrible stuff. And, sadly, I think it is not nearly as bad as the republicans want it to be. I expect things to get much worse very quickly. And, I don’t think anyone who voted for these people will see any problems with what they do to help their corporate fat cat donors increase their wealth and influence on the backs of every day regular Americans. I used to think republicans would actually realize how much damage those they elect are doing. I’ve given up that hope.

  5. (from the link): “I think it is important to realize that this is not just a US phenomenon, it’s a global phenomenon. The increasing shift of capital from human services, from housing, jobs, education, to profitable arenas has meant there are huge numbers of people everywhere in the world who are not able to sustain themselves. They are made surplus, and as a result they are often forced to engage in practices that are deemed criminal. And so prisons pop up all over the world, often with the assistance of private corporations who profit from these surplus populations.”

    “Why have we not created the kind of movement that would put more pressure on Obama and force the Obama administration to deal with these issues? We might have arrived at a much better healthcare plan if those of us who believe healthcare is a human right were out on the streets…it’s always a collective process to change the world.”

    Angela Davis: ‘There is an unbroken line of police violence in the US that takes us all the way back to the days of slavery’
    The activist, feminist and revolutionary explains how the ‘prison industrial complex’ profits from black people, that Barack Obama can’t be blamed for the lack of progress on race, and why Beyoncé is not a terrorist


      Did you hear about the tweet from Fox News calling Jay Z a crack dealer?

      This is a veiled attempt to stick it to Obama by some Foxxies Hen House Cluck Fest host because JayZ is married to Beyoncé and these two successful black people are friends and supporters of Obama.

      Let’s change the scenario – shall we?

      All Jay Z has to do is to what these white mega church folks do…

      Get in front of a large crowd and cry those crocodile tears and confess that he was once – a crack dealer – but he has now changed his life around and is helping others to do the same.

      We’ve l heard of several prominent white Mega church folks and the cousins the televangelists do this same scripted ‘confession/testimony’ filled with crocodile tears when they got caught doing their crimes

      And their supporters all cheered and applauded and dutifully stamped their Free Pass given to ONLY them by Jesus.

  6. Robert Reich asks:

    A political alliance among the bottom 99 percent to un-rig the economy and make it work for most is being hobbled by four major divide-and-conquer strategies:

    1. Convince the white working class it’s falling behind because African Americans are taking their tax dollars for welfare.

    2. Convince the middle and working class that immigrants, especially undocumented ones, are taking their jobs.

    3. Convince African-Americans their biggest problem is the brutality of white police officers.

    4. Convince socially-conservative Americans that the proponents of gay marriage, abortion, and gun control are destroying the country.

    The way to overcome these divide-and-conquer strategies is to show the bottom 99 percent they’re fighting over a smaller and smaller slice of a pie that’s going mainly to the top; reveal to poor Americans that economic conditions lie at the root of many of their social problems; and show conservative Americans how the right is using the social agenda to distract them from this larger reality.

    What do you think?