Sunday, 12/14/14, Public Square



by | December 14, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. I have absolutely no problem with Jesus – he was awesome.

    It is some of his more radical, loud-mouthed and uneducated followers who claim to speak for Jesus.

    I’ve often wondered if Jesus ever has the urge to reach down from the Heaven and bitch slap a few of these folks.

    • I brought that up in church once with a visiting pastor, when he was denouncing Homosexually. I also asked, “with the present day opinion of Gays. Who is deciding to be one? It is not a knowing decision anyone would make! He was at a lost and the only side effect I suffered was to be left alone by some people.

  2. Asher Bob White

    Ah, yes! Wisdom from the Bible: something that is not typically taught in churches through-out the United States which consider themselves followers and believers of Christianity. They all have their own message version which begins with “one must join and support this church or go-to-hell, and one-day Jesus will return to earth to judge you.” Wrong! And, ultimately, nobody practices the versions of Christianity that churches teach. The members go only to be saved from damnation and hell; some day. I do believe the Bible as a metaphorical story of wisdom and brotherly love taught by Jews, especially their metaphors about Jesus’ wisdom. A few very rare individuals on earth do follow the wisdom that Jesus taught. And they experience heaven-on-earth every day of their lives.