Friday, 12/12/14, Public Square



by | December 12, 2014 · 6:00 am

17 responses to “Friday, 12/12/14, Public Square

  1. Of course, the IMPORTANT thing is who gets exclusive rights to all those trees – THEN there would be trees everywhere.

  2. When thinking about American police violence, the torture from the Bush era, the giving to BIG BUSINESS, the taking from average Americans so the wealthiest can have more and more, consider the attitudes of republicans —

    …we’re a delicate little snowflake of a nation, and are special and different than all of the other states we harangue for their human rights violations. Because exceptionalism!

  3. Several times I have wanted to turn it off, but if I do I soon turn it back on!

  4. As we’ve all mentioned before it is possible Bush didn’t know nearly as much as those who used him as their tool. But he did eventually know.