Thursday, 12/11/14, Public Square

the mess


by | December 11, 2014 · 6:00 am

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    • Asher Bob White

      Yes, “how about that”? That is what the vast majority of all registered voters want; “laws that make it harder to shoot people and easier to vote”. That is called the “common good and the public interest” which is far distant from what Corporate America, i.e., the Chamber of Commerce. wants. And there was a time not so long ago, within my lifetime, that the Republican Party supported the common good and the public interest. Not today. Today the Republican Party is in the hands and is controlled by immoral conservatives that are rapidly destroying the common good and the public interest.

  1. This pension busting plan that is currently in Congress is just an example of how these Republicans have manipulated the mindset of the average American.

    In the first place – not that many people are even aware the Congress is considering allowing these companies to cut their current pensions.

    In the second place – not that many people actually give a rat’s ass unless that pension check is in their name.

    In the third place – to even get the attention of the majority of average Americans, they will need to put down their large-sized designer coffee and their blinged-out cell phone and get off the social media of FB and/or Twitter.

    This pension busting plan is a BIPARTISAN piece of crappola. Which is why I believe both parties are corrupt.

    But – as I’ve said before – when it comes to voting, I would rather have the Democrats because they are not telling me who to marry, what God to worship and that women do not have the right to birth control.

  2. I am currently listening to “The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder”. It is from Vincent Bugliosi. It is kind of reassuring that someone else has spoken up about Bush and the Neo-Cons.