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police overreach


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  1. It is a difficult roe to hoe, the balance between professionalize and the reality of dealing with the criminals. Plus several will claim abuse when there was none since there is a tendency of the public to believe the allegation of abuse. Either because they want criminals to be abused or because the person wants to believe that law enforcement is an abusive power. LOL once in open court I was accused of abuse by the defendant. The judge said of it, ” I look at you and look at the officer and would say that if he wanted to put a hurt on you. You would still be hurting!”

    • But yes every officer want to be held to a higher standard, we did it ourselves.

    • What I’ve noticed in the last few years – the type of police officers I am seeing is nothing like the type I’ve viewed in my childhood or young adult life.

      First of all – I suspect the fact we’ve had two recent wars has brought a lot of ex-military into our law enforcement field.

      And – let’s face it – these recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been worse mentally on our military than even Vietnam (and that was bad).

      So – when an ex-military joins the police force – and they have not yet resolved their former war issues – and no hope in finding help from the government for that treatment – is this a factor in how many rogue cops we have come to see in these news stories about police violence?

      I don’t know – I am just throwing this out as a discussion point..

      • Another factor – I believe – is this mindset that people have nowadays about ‘hitting the jackpot’.

        Are some of these folks claiming police brutality just hoping for a big payout?

        I’ve also seen this mindset with these parents that push their kids into sports – hoping that one day their little precious lamb will be getting that million-dollars contract to hit, kick or chase a damn ball.

        Then there is that old saying – there are bad apples in every barrel.

        Same goes for professions – and law enforcement is no different. There are some folks who should never be in the place of power!!

      • BTW – we’ve also lost something very precious in our country in the past few decades – it is called common courtesy, dignity and respect.

        When I listen to these Republicans demonize their president by calling him all kinds of racist, nasty and mean-spirited names – that mindset is very toxic.

        No courtesy.
        No dignity.
        No respect.

        Lose all three of these and your society is in big trouble.

      • Not just the president himself, but his wife, their children… It’s visceral and scary evil.

    • Cheney is my idea of the perfect villain – a wolf in sheep’s clothing right in plain sight – with a bunch of sheeple willing to follow blindly..

      At least ISIL has the cajones to show their ugly butts for what they are…villains like Cheney draw the stupid and gullible in to their evil plans by appearing so ‘patriotic’.

    • LOLL I always see something here I want to pass on with my face book page! Here is one, mainly it is because it is the way I see it too. And in part it is those I have encounter within the family or in public.

    • My small town has its own police force. From what I’ve personally seen, there are way too many of them who are so overweight, one of them even waddled like a penguin.

      I thought police officers had to keep physically fit?

      • Small towns have such a problem finding officers, it not even a place most would work to get into the job. The pay is lousy and the hours often are long like twelve hours shift and six days a week. And God help you when someone want to go on vacation or gets too sick to work. I once worked three weeks straight In Rush Springs, OKLA.

  2. Kinnison is a self-proclaimed defender of gun rights with a following on Twitter of nearly 30,000. He’s also known as Raging Rob on YouTube. Truly, Rob is a star of the radical right. Truly, Rob likes the attention.

    Kinnison likes to carry his guns into his local Kroger grocery store. And shoot video of taking his gun into his local Kroger grocery store. Of late, he’s been ranting and raving against gun safety advocates, specifically Moms Demand Action. He’s quite the poet, telling those mothers to “Put a d*ck in your mouth and shut up.”

    Here’s one of the gun nuts heroes —

    Disturbed Open Carry Advocate Tells Moms Demand Action To “Put A D*** In Your Mouth”

  3. Off topic, but an interesting read —

    Why Millions of Christian Evangelicals Oppose Obamacare and Civil Rights
    End Times theology is making your health care more expensive.

    • Let’s not also forget – without pushing the fear of losing one’s soul for eternity – how many of these mega churches would be showered with such wealth?

      That is an awesome power to have over the sheeple – this idea that preachers and/or televangelists have this power to keep a person’s soul from burning in Hell for eternity.

      Fear sells and makes a lot of money – and in the case of these churches – that ail TAX Free money.

      You see – their hatred of the government only goes so far……if the government is going to give them tax free status – these hypocrite money vendors are the first ones in that line with both of their greedy hands out…

      • What is that quote and who said it ?? Something like —

        If the only thing keeping a person decent is the expectation of divine reward, then that person is a piece of shit.

  4. Robert Reich shares a bit of history and poses a question —

    In 1948, under the leadership of the United States and the prodding of Eleanor Roosevelt, the UN General Assembly proclaimed December 10 to be Human Rights Day, to bring to the attention to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as the common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations. Today, 66 years later, America faces the reality of police brutality, CIA torture, and the imprisonment of a larger portion of our population than any other modern nation. What happened?

    • Asher Bob White

      What happened? The likes of the Roosevelt families as Republicans has vanished and the only hope, today, for those kind of values is the Democratic Party that is both liberal and progressive but very disorganized and ineffective.



    Foxxies Hen House Cluck Fest is still doing what they best – spreading that chicken shit everywhere

    • The same folks who cheered and applauded George W. Bush and Dick Cheney when they had America torture our perceived enemies – are the same folks who truly believe that God has given them the right to just go and take that oil away form those dirty Godless Muslims.

      And with that mindset – there is nothing we can say or do to prove to these Nit-Wits that they are a major part of the current problem.

      After all – they are God’s favorites – don’t you know. You betcha …Wink-Wink

      • My question to these folks has always been – if your God is so wise and all knowing and NEVER wrong – then why did He put that all that oil beneath the Muslims’ feet?

        That is when I am usually called a godless liberal – or worse – a Jesus Hater – and that is when all lines of communication has been lost forever.

        Like I said yesterday – I ask too many questions to be a perfect little sheeple within that Fundy Evangelical Christian Corporate Church movement.



    One of the reasons cited this deal to allow pension cuts is due to the ‘economic downturns’…

    Okay – if this is true, then why did Republicans fight like hell to allow those Big Fat Cats on Wall Street to get their bonus checks when the economic crash of 2008 just happened?

    Does anyone else remember how hard the Republicans fought against Obama when he suggested that maybe these Wall Street guys NOT be given their bonus checks when it was their companies that contributed to the economic crash?

    So – now we have the Democrats joining these Republicans in screwing the working class of Americans – those who have put years of hard work into their pension plans.

    Here’s a thought – why not go after the Fat Cats in these companies and if there are Fat Cats in the Unions that have played with those pension plans instead of keeping them solvent – these are the folks that should have their benefits cut – permanently

    • I talked to a man last weekend that has worked 30 years for United Airlines.

      When they took bankruptcy in the early about 10 years ago, he lost three of his pensions. But the CEO got a $40 million bonus check that same year.

      Hmmm……do you think maybe this is why we are now seeing these companies lined up with their overpaid lobbyists pushing this P.O.S. deal through Congress today?

      How many CEO’s are already picking out their new yacht or new private jet – just salivating at the thought of another $40 million bonus check coming their way?

  7. Happening right now — The House is about to vote on a closed-door budget deal that slips in a provision — literally written by Citigroup lobbyists — to let Wall Street derivatives traders once again gamble with our economy. We all need to fight back immediately against this giveaway to the most powerful banks in the country. Share this video with your friends right now to fight back. Congress needs to withhold support of the budget package until this risky giveaway is removed from the legislation.

  8. “The overwhelming fear that afflicted the country in the wake of 9-11…made it acceptable to contemplate extreme actions in response….Willingness to torture became, first within elite government and opinion-making circles, then in the culture generally, and finally as a partisan GOP talking point, a litmus test of seriousness with respect to the fight against terrorism. That was its primary purpose from the beginning….It was never about ‘them’ at all. It was about us. It was our psychological security blanket, our best evidence that we were ‘all-in’ in this war, the thing that proved to us that we were fierce enough to win.”

    Why Did We Torture?

  9. Republicans SAID they were passing the bill to fund government until September with the exception of funding the department that deals with immigration for a much shorter time. Well, as usual the devil is in the details and the details they want to sneak in are atrocious!

    In addition to putting in a “conscience clause” for employers who say funding contraception violates their religious beliefs, here is a partial list of other items republicans are trying to sneak into the spending bill. We cannot depend on President Obama vetoing everything passed by the House and Senate. This time if he vetoes the spending bill, he shuts down the government.

    • Deregulating derivatives trading.
    • Increasing individual donations to candidates by 10x the current amount.
    • Cut funding for implementation of the legalization of marijuana in DC which was voted through by a huge majority of their residents.
    • Cuts to retiree benefits to protect multi-employers.
    • Cuts to EPA budget.
    • Cuts to the IRS.
    • Cuts to the Women, Infants and Children nutrition program.
    • Cuts to state and local law enforcement.
    • De-list wolves from the endangered species list.
    • Cuts to FEMA first-responder grants.
    • Cuts to Community Health Centers.
    • Cuts to low-income heating assistance.
    • Cuts to federal highway investment.
    • Defunding two “ObamaCare” programs: the Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan (Co-Op) and Free Choice Voucher programs.
    • Defunds four administration “czars”: healthcare, climate change, car and urban affairs.
    • Eliminates tax breaks for wind power

  10. Robert Reich —

    A major showdown has blown up in the Congress over a bill (called the Omnibus Spending Bill) to continue funding the government after tomorrow night (December 11). At the last moment today, Senator McConnell snuck in a provision that would increase by 500% the contribution limit any one donor can give to political parties and its associated committees. It’s bad enough donors can now give $259,200 in in an election cycle. If this bill passes, a single donor will be able to give $1,555,200 in one check. (The bill contains other giveaways – relieving government contractors of the requirement to disclose their political spending, gutting some core provisions of the Dodd-Frank financial reform law, cutting funding for the EPA and IRS, and exempting certain activities from Clean Water Act regulations.)

    The Republicans aren’t even in charge of Congress yet, and they’re already wreaking havoc. Please call your senator first thing tomorrow morning and urge a vote against the Omnibus Spending bill, even if it means the government is temporarily closed.

    • Like calling OUR Senators would mean anything. Yeah, right. Roberts and Moran are definitely part of the problem and can’t be counted on for any solutions.