Tuesday, 12/9/14, Public Square



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  1. The above cartoon would be ‘fightin’ words’ with these Evangelical Mega Church Christians.

    Just the mere fact Jesus was put on the same level as Buddha and Mahammed would be enough reason to burn the author at the stake for blasphemy

    • BTW – I’ve often wondered why God would choose the White Evangelical Christians in America as the only people with the ‘true God’ – when God himself sent his only son Jesus to be born a Jew – and no where near America because America was not even in existence yet – and the people who did live in this land were Indians – who were not Christians.

      There I go again … I ask too many damn questions and I expect rational answers.

      • If some of those evangelinuts would ask a few questions and then be willing to listen… Ah, never mind. They’re still convinced earth is less than 10,000 years old. I wish them peace, love and happiness.

      • As we’ve mentioned before — all religions are based around LOVE.

      • Unconditional love – which is what Jesus taught when he walked among the outcasts of society -the prostitutes, thieves, lepers, homeless, hungry

        The only time Jesus ever showed his temper was with those money vendors in the Temple…

        I think that is my fundamental problem with these mega churches – they are nothing more than money vendors in my opinion.

  2. Here’s a whole batch of new love our family welcomed last Thursday night. This was taken yesterday when he and his gr-grandma (that would be me!) were visiting.

    • Congrats – how many great grandchildren does this little cutie make for you?

      He is adorable…. what’s his name?

      • This makes two and they are brother and sister. It also means my daughter is a GRANDMOTHER two times over — that’s the part I have trouble believing. She is a wonderful grandmother, but she must be too young…

        His name is more weird than his sister Rhythm. It is Atmos (pronounced like atmosphere w/o the phere). I’m concentrating on trying to remember this unusual name and the fact that my grands liked it well enough to give it to their son. đŸ™‚

      • They are unusual names – but is there a special meaning to their parents?

        My son was always bothered throughout his school years that he had the most common first name and there were usually at least 3 or 4 boys in the room with the same name. Each kid had to tag on the first letter of the last name when they spoke and when the teacher spoke to them.

        He vowed he would name his kids with unique names and that is what he did.

        Berlin and Lucky

        Berlin fits the little girl. And come to find out, one of my son’s doctor’s mother had the same name – so the doctor told my son that he picked a good old fashioned name.

        I had to get used to calling a newborn by the name of Lucky. But now that he is older, the name fits his personality.

        He is the happiest little guy , which reminds me of the phrase – happy go lucky.

        And – then to find out – there are other kids named Lucky and one is even a little girl – a few years older than my little guy.

        Hey, could have been worse. It could have been Apple like that actress Gwnyeth Paltrow named her kid.

  3. I listened to Senator Dianne Feinstein while doing laundry, a bit more Christmas decorating…, but I listened to EACH. WORD. Senator John McCain said very carefully. That was one hell of a speech! That speech was given by the John McCain I would have voted for back in 2000 if he had been the republican candidate. I was very impressed. If you missed it, look up the text and read it. It wasn’t long, but it was powerful!