Monday, 12/8/14, Public Square




by | December 8, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. But…but….Obama is a black man. That makes all the difference in the world.

    Republicans cannot allow the first black president to be success. What would be next – a woman president?

    Oh God would not like that …..after all, God gave Man the authority to be the master and the woman his servant.

    Heavy sarcasm//

  2. Still waiting for that republican legislation that helps Americans. Most likely it will come as soon as they have majorities in both chambers of Congress. [eye roll]

    When they continue being FOR nothing will their constituents notice? My prediction is as long as they continue hating the black man in the White House all will be well with republicans.

    • Remember when Obamacare passed and these Republicans were chanting they wanted to repeal and replace?

      Since the general election in 2012 – how many times have you heard a Republican use the word ‘replace’ when talking about repealing Obamacare?

      This is the their true mission – they want to keep as many ‘undeserving’ Americans as they deem ‘unworthy’ as possible off the health insurance rolls.

      But – hey – then we’ll just go back to what we had before – these same folks will simply show up at the E.R. and cost triple the costs of something that could have been treated at the primary care doctor.

      Few Republicans remember which president and his party actually passed the law where hospitals HAD to take everyone that shows up at their door – if the hospital participates in any government program (which, let’s face it, they all do participate because that is where the big money of Medicare comes in to play).

      I’m sure we all know who that president was that signed that piece of legislation – don’t we?

      I hear he is a Saint now with many gullible sheeple bowing down to his lily-white ass everyday and kissing that Golden Dollar Sign that is stuck up in to that tight-white ass.

      • Those same health insurance companies are delighted with Obamacare – because it brought them a lot more customers’ and their premiums.

        Hell -when the premiums are subsidized – that is the mother lode for these for profit CEO’s. That gets their juices really flowing…….

        There is a reason Catholics have bought up the majority of these hospitals and doctors clinics knowing that Obamacare went through……

        There is a lot of money to be made in health care……and the government subsidized programs pay every month and they pay well – which keeps these hospitals and doctors clinics in their cash flow….

  3. Yesterday, I had an interesting conversation with a man originally from Syria. He told me he came to the USA in 1978 (when he was 26 yrs old) – so America is what he considers to be his home.

    He brought up the news coverage yesterday morning about one of our bombs being dropped inside Syria or Iraq somewhere (not sure which bombing)

    Anyway – this man put the entire issue so simply.

    He said – the Syrian people want peace but the ones who are making billions off the war machines – do not want peace.

    B-I-N-G-O……ladies and gentlemen – we have a winner.

    And who in the world has a larger military defense budget than the USA?