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keystone pipeline



by | December 6, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. We all know the republicans are lying about the JOBS the Keystone Pipeline would bring. But we’re used to the lies they tell.

    Job growth in November was very strong.

    According to yesterday’s report from the Council of Economic Advisors, even without counting December, the US economy has now added more jobs in 2014 than in any FULL calendar year since the late 1990s (you know, when Clinton was in office. Aaaawkward).

    As of yesterday:
    – the private sector has added 10.9 million jobs over 57 straight months of job growth, EXTENDING THE LONGEST STREAK OF SUSTAINED AMERICAN JOB GROWTH IN RECORDED HISTORY.

    – Total employment has risen by 2.65 million in eleven months this year, AGAIN, MORE JOBS THAN IN ANY FULL CALENDAR YEAR SINCE BILL CLINTON WAS IN OFFICE.

    – Job growth in 2014 has been in industries with higher wages.

    – Recent increases in the minimum wage appears to have had zero impact on job creation. In fact, more jobs at increased wages puts more money into economic circulation, thus creating yet more economic growth, which makes more jobs.

    – While there is always a surge in job growth during November as retailers add additional workers for the holiday season, 2014 is the highest in nearly 20 years. This is an indicator of significant economic strength, available disposable income, and both consumer and employer confidence.

    Additionally, the increase in jobs for November is spread across multiple economic subsectors, meaning that only a portion of it can be attributed to seasonal hiring. A significant percentage of November’s job growth is due to permanent jobs in manufacturing and industry.

    Fifty-Seven months of sustained job growth. The largest number of good jobs added to the American economy in two decades. Pretty damned good, eh?
    Boy, imagine what the American economy would look like right now if Congress had actually gotten off their asses and HELPED instead of trying to sabotage the president at every turn. Imagine.

    Yes, just imagine.

    Of course the Council’s report does not explain how five years of job growth and steady self-sustaining economic recovery fit into Obama’s evil plan of chocolate mojo designed to distract Americans from Benghazi.
    But then it really doesn’t have to, does it?

  2. Andy Borowitz says —

    Republicans Question Obama’s Motives for Fixing Economy

    WASHINGTON – One day after an especially strong jobs report showed an increase in hiring and wages, prominent Republicans questioned President Obama’s “suspicious motives” for repairing the economy. “When there have been so many months of job growth, it does make you wonder what he’s up to,” said Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas). “You add in the rising stock market and falling gas prices, and the whole thing doesn’t pass the smell test.” Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell accused the President of “cynically fixing the economy to distract the American people.” Echoing his fellow Republicans, House Speaker John Boehner warned the President, “If you think you can fool the American people by putting them back to work and raising their wages, you’re headed for a rude awakening.”