Friday, 12/5/14, Public Square



by | December 5, 2014 · 6:00 am

6 responses to “Friday, 12/5/14, Public Square

    • Republicans do not give a rat’s ass about Gandhi or what he stood for.

      I am convinced there are folks who are incapable of feeling shame, embarrassment or even empathy.

      Maybe that is a requirement to become a ‘real’ Republican nowadays?

  1. Thank you for putting up such thought provoking signs I often copy and paste them on my Facebook page. LOL yes it does sometimes cause quite a fuss among the more hard core within my family!

    • The cartoonist sure got Mitch McConnell down to that growth-thing on his upper lip.

      I do not remember ever seeing Mitch McConnell without his sourpuss face?

      Does this man ever smile – not smirk – but a geniuine, heartfelt smile?