Tuesday, 12/2/14, Public Square

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by | December 2, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. No joking, just do it! đŸ™‚

  2. Real world contradicts right-wing tax theories
    California raised taxes, Kansas cut them. California did better


    • But…but…California is full of those godless illegal immigrants, liberal college professors and those hippies….

      Kansas is full of good Christian folks….

      Heavy sarcasm//

  3. I wonder how impeachment proceedings will play out this time around. Does “mean” seem to be a desirable trait nowadays? I can’t remember a time when being plain ole mean was supported by so many voters. Hard-core right wingers seem to vote for mean.

    • They not only vote for mean – these hard-core right wingers ARE mean..

      I have worked at a motel front desk for the past 3 months and I can tell you the minute someone walks into the lobby if they will be nasty and mean.

      Usually – they are old, white and the newer the luxury car – the more meanness I get from these people.

      When a young couple comes in with kids – they are usually the nicest ones. Very polite and never argue with me and try to get me to give them a special rate.

      I can always tell when the Breakfast dining room is full of old, white, mean and nasty Republicans – someone turns the t.v. to Fox News and they all sit there in unison and shake their heads and grunt ‘yeah, that’s right’ – while they are usually the ones that just treated me like dirt beneath their feet when I checked them in the day before.

      Yeah – I have never had a job that worked directly with the public before this front desk job. I have learned ALOT and it is not a pretty picture.

      I even had one old fart come up the desk and wanted to tell me he had hit some car in the parking lot. When I started asking for the details of the model, color and tag state/number – I realized he was talking about my own car.

      When I told him that he just hit my car – he said, oh good, then it was not one of the other guests.

      What am I? some damn slave because I work behind the counter giving customer service to the likes of him??

      Luckily there was no damage – some small paint scrapes on the bumper.

      Then this old fart went one step further and said to me – why did you back up into the parking space instead of pulling in…

      That was when I replied – because that way, I can just pull out of the parking space when I leave work and frankly my dear, it is none of your business as to my reasons.

      I could write a book about the complaints these old white farts give me on their check out.

      Hey – I’ve got a complaint also – these folks might want to remove that stick that is up their tight-white butts.

      • FYI – Wichita is on the expressway from Minnesota to Arizona. We get so many old white farts traveling across the country because they cannot handle the cold winters back in Minnesota.

        Yeah – they cannot handle the cold winters but yet they can travel across the country not being able to see, or hear, or to even know where they are.

        It’s scary out there folks…..

        I’ve seen these people try to park their big luxury cars in the parking lot. Not a pretty sight.

    • That is an article asking the question “Is the Democratic party relevant anymore?” From the Huffington post.

      • To begin let’s remember the republicans gerrymandered the hell out of congressional districts that didn’t lean toward voting for the little “R.” Add in Citizen’s United, evangelinuts and social issues like abortion or same-sex marriage that can be used by church leaders (who after all are BIG business just like BIG oil, pharma, etc.) with a dash of scare the living hell out of people with terrorism threats and many questions about voting are easy to answer.

        We all know the races in the 2014 mid-terms favored republicans and we’ve been told the races in the 2016 mid-terms favor the democrats. I think I can wait two years before trying to learn how to ring the bell for the Democratic Party death knoll.

        I’m waiting to see whether the republicans can figure out how to do more than oppose, obstruct, investigate, and otherwise waste our tax dollars with absolutely nothing to show for their time and money spent. I’ll be tickled pink if they prove they can govern even if it’s to pass legislation that reflects their ideals that I oppose. I ask AGAIN — what was your favorite republican legislative achievement? If a republican legislative achievement comes to mind how far back did it happen?

      • The midterm elections are known for low voter turnout – which was favorable to the Republicans.

        Let’s face it – Republicans do have a rabid base which do turn out at each and every election.

        Democrats need to learn this lesson…

      • I agree! The Democratic Party needs lessons in many areas — marketing, get out the vote efforts, clearly communicating policies (both theirs AND those of the republicans so they’re easily compared).

        I also strongly believe they can’t continue to run away from achievements like The Affordable Care Act. Embrace legislative achievements that help the middle class and less fortunate! Let voters truly understand the differences in the two major political parties. Compare the ACA to the republican plan to reform health care. (Did you giggle just a little at that last sentence?) Yep. Compare the ACA to the lack of ideas from republicans. Compare tax policies that make it clear only the wealthy gain when republicans set tax policies.

        Maybe democrats could take a class from Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren and pay close attention?

      • Maybe while democrats concentrate on the lessons they need to learn republicans can figure out how to appeal to more than old white men? We know that when democrats vote they win, and we know this statement from the link RD posted is true —

        “Currently the Republican Party appeals largely to older, while males in or reflecting the politics of the Confederacy states — the Fox News demographic. Those older white voters are who primarily turned out to vote in 2014.

        It is said that “the map” favors Democrats in 2016 and demographics favor them from that point on. “

        So republicans will need to learn lessons and adapt. We’ll see whether the democrats or the republicans are good students.