Saturday, 11/29/14, Public Square

walt whitman


by | November 29, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. Re-examine what you’ve been told about “The Bible Belt.”

    The “Bible Belt” is the Porn Belt: Surprised?

    • Asher Bob White

      No, not surprised. The “Bible Belt” appears to me to be the “contemptuous hate belt’, too, which is in such extreme opposition to what the Bible teaches. Typical irony.

      • But there are huge mega churches rolling in the tax-free money.

        Nothing but big businesses making a profit off the sale of Jesus.

        God – I wish Jesus would come back and run these money vendors out of the Temple again.



      Remember Jimmy Swaggart’s crocodile tears…..when he got caught with his pants down (literally) and his wife was no where in the room.

      Even when these scums get caught – all they have to do is to turn on the water works and cry those big crocodile tears and beg God for forgiveness.

      It works every time……..

  2. Researchers: Police likely provoke protestors — not the other way around
    New research from Berkeley shows that police are often the agitators of violence

  3. We’re back safely. Had a fun time in the Carolinas this last week and it’s equally good to be back home! When you can travel to the mountains, or the beach, for a day trip you know you’re not in Kansas anymore. 🙂 Mr brother-in-law works for Michael Waltrip Racing so a tour of that unbelievable shop was another treat. One evening we sat out on the patio around a fire pit and laughed and talked until we ran out of words. My sister and I cooked Thanksgiving dinner together and friends there in Charlotte joined in the fun plus brought delicious dishes to share — great time was had by all!